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frozen food packing machines
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Brief introduction of the horizontal packaging machine

Horizontal packaging machine TZ-600 is suitable for packaging larger products. The maximum film width of this machine is 600mm. This machine is widely used in the packing of quick-frozen food, vegetables, fruits, noodles, and other foods. It can also be called a frozen food packing machine. The machine is divided into two models: top feed and bottom feed. It can not only directly package products, but also package products with pallets. The latter packaging method can make the product not easily damaged. Therefore, it is very popular with people.

Packaging samples

The quick-frozen food packing machine has wide use in food packing, noodles packing, vegetable packaging, frozen beef and frozen sweet dumplings packaging, etc. This machine adopts back sealing and end sealing. Some product packing samples are as flows.

Fruits and frozen food packaging
Fruits and frozen food packaging

Working video of the frozen food packing machine

Working process of the frozen food packing machine

1.The film platform takes charge of the food conveying.
2.The film is installed on the film roll device. It can wrap the products steadily when the products arrive.
3.The forming part controls the product packing. It concludes with vertical cutter, horizontal cutter, and heating pipe. It is the most important part of the packing process.
5.Last, the finished product is output by the conveyor belt.

components of the horizontal packing machine
components of the horizontal packing machine

Technical parameters

Film WidthMax 600mm
Bag Length120-450mm
Bag Width50-180mm
Product HeightMax.70mm
Capacity30-180 bag/min
Weight800 kg
Dimension3770*670*1450 mm
Notebe able to customize

Features and advantages of the frozen food packing machine

1.You can adjust the operation panel according to the material.
2.The horizontal frozen food packing machine can equip with a single knife, double knife, and three-knife for cutting.
3.It’s convenient to set parameters.
4.High-sensitivity cursor tracking and digital input of the sealing and cutting position make the sealing and cutting position more accurate.
5.The transmission system is simple, the operation is more reliable, and the maintenance is more convenient.
6.The horizontal bag packaging machine has a fault self-diagnosis function, so the fault display at a glance.
7.Double inverter control and the bag length is set and then cut immediately. No need to adjust the empty running and one step are in place. The whole packaging process saves time and film.
8.An independent PID controls the temperature, which is better suitable for various packaging materials.

Why should we pack products by packing machines?

  1. At first, the packaging of the product was only for portability and transportation.
  2. With the improvement of people's living standards, beauty elements are continuously added to make the product look more lovely and more enjoyable.
  3. Market competition is becoming more and more fierce, and differentiation must be sought from all aspects to attract consumers' attention. Packaging has become an important means of differentiation.
  4. Packaging adds brand elements and becomes an important carrier for displaying a brand image.
  5. The emergence of the Internet has made purchases more convenient, and it has also made it easier for consumers to switch. The communication function of product packaging is becoming more and more prominent.


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machine display
machine display


Last October, a customer from the United States told us that he wanted to pack bread and some pastries. We recommended this machine to him. After receiving the goods, he was very satisfied with the packaging effect and packaging efficiency of the machine. He said that after using the packaging machine, his products sold better than before.

packinging machine shipment
packaging machine shipment
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