Single/Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine for Meat

double chamber vacuum packaging machine

The Introduction of Vacuum Chamber Packaging Machine

The single chamber vacuum packaging machine is generally composed of a vacuum pump, vacuum chamber, vacuum cover, chassis, power control system, heating system, and other components. This vacuum packaging machine has only one vacuum chamber to work. The electrical control system separately stores parameters such as vacuuming, sealing, and cooling. After the vacuum cover is pressed down, the start switch is touched, and the vacuum is first drawn. After the preset vacuuming time is reached, the vacuuming is stopped, and then the airbag is inflated to fit the sealing strip and the rubber strip that at the vacuum cover, and then the heating wire starts to melt sealing. After the sealing is completed, the vacuum chamber is vented, the lid is opened, and a single working cycle is completed.

single chamber vacuum packaging machine
single chamber vacuum packaging machine

The double chamber vacuum packing machine has two vacuum chambers. It uses a vacuum cover to work alternately on the two vacuum chambers to achieve the purpose of improving work efficiency. When one vacuum chamber is evacuating, the other vacuum chamber can place packaging items; therefore, the labor-saving device that is specially designed for the swing of the vacuum cover greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator.

double chamber vacuum packing machine
double chamber vacuum packing machine

Regardless of the single-chamber vacuum packaging machine or double-chamber vacuum packaging machine, the two machines are equipped with vacuum gauge, heat-sealing temperature devices, heat-sealing time devices, and other adjustment devices, which can be adjusted according to different packaging items to achieve the best packaging effect.

For example, the vacuum degree of packaged meat and packaged melon seeds are different. Therefore, during packaging, it is necessary to adjust the vacuum degree, the time of vacuuming, and the heating time.

Both of these vacuum packaging machines can be filled with inert gas, generally nitrogen, so many people call the vacuum packaging machine a nitrogen vacuum packaging machine.

The Difference Between Single Vacuum Packaging Machine and Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

In Appearance/Working Form

Both the two types of vacuum chamber packaging machine are internal vacuuming packing machines, and the vacuuming and sealing operations performed by them are all completed in the vacuum chamber.

Vacuum chamber
Vacuum chamber

The double-chamber vacuum packaging machine or the single-chamber vacuum packaging machine both have vacuum chambers. The difference is that one is a single vacuum chamber and the other is two vacuum chambers. When they work, the vacuuming and sealing processes are mostly the same. The process is as follows, the packaging materials are pre-installed in the packaging bag, and then the packaging bag is placed in the vacuum chamber to ensure that the mouth of the bag is placed on the sealing strip. Then the vacuum cover is pressed down, the start switch is touched, and the machine starts to vacuum and seal operations. After the operation is completed, the intake valve works, the atmosphere enters the vacuum chamber, and the vacuum cover pops up.

In Work Efficiency

So looking at it this way, the two types of vacuum packaging machines work in the same way, but the difference is that when the vacuum cover of the single-chamber vacuum packaging machine is covered, the vacuum cover needs to pop up after the vacuum packing is completed, and the next wave of materials just can be placed for vacuum chamber for packaging. In the double-chamber vacuum packaging machine, after the vacuum cover is attached to the left vacuum chamber, materials can be placed in the right vacuum chamber. After the left side work is completed, the vacuum cover can be placed in the right vacuum chamber, and the cycle continues to the end of work. In this way, the same material can be packaged and the double chamber can complete more processing volume at the same time.

What Is the Best Vacuum Packaging Machine

The best vacuum sealer machine is that meets your packaging requirements, and the price is within your budget. Let's see what advantages that our machines have can satisfy you.

  • The microcomputer control system is adopted to make the packaging parameter setting more accurate and the operation is convenient.
  • Meat food vacuum packaging machines can set the vacuuming time and packaging sealing time to adapt to packaging of different specifications and materials.
  • Our machine equipped with a high-power vacuum pump, so the packaging bag can obtain a large vacuum in a short period of time, which improves the working efficiency of the equipment.
  • The vacuum chamber adopts the V-shaped sealing strip that made of high-density materials to ensure the airtightness of the equipment in daily work, the pressure resistance and wears resistance of the material, and extend the service life of the sealing strip.
  • The whole material of the vacuum packaging machine is 304 stainless steel, which has an anti-corrosion effect when used in severely corrosive environments.
  • Shock-absorbing system: The unique shock-absorbing design of the vacuum pump motor makes the machine always keep low noise during work.
  • The types of packing machines equipped with up and down adjustable packaging shelves, which is convenient for vacuum sealing of various specifications packaging bags. The height of the vacuum chamber is 10 cm, and we can also customize it for you according to your packaging needs.

Warm Tips

The vulnerable parts of the single/double chamber vacuum packaging machine are heating strips and vacuum pumps. The heating strip is replaced about once every six months, and the vacuum pump is maintained once a year. The vacuum pump oil needs to be replaced regularly, and it should be replaced at different times according to the frequency of use. Otherwise, it will also affect the normal use of the machine.

When the product is placed, there needs to be reserved space on both sides to achieve better packaging. The machine has a conveying function, and the conveying speed is adjustable.

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