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candy packing machine
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Applications of the Horizontal Packaging Machine

The TZ-450 horizontal packing machine is one model of the horizontal machine. It is suitable for packing materials with a maximum film width of 250mm. The detailed technical parameters are shown at the end of the passage. The candy packing machine has wide applications in candy packing, chocolate packing, disposable tableware packing, syringe packing, masks packing, etc. You can choose the right model according to the size of your product.

candy packing and syringe packaging
candy packing and syringe packaging

Two types of horizontal pillow packaging machine

Horizontal Packing Machine Model: TZ-250

There are two transport modes for the roll film of the candy packaging machine, which are the top feed and the bottom feed. The roll film is on the top of the machine for the top feeder, the former can be fine-tuned, and the vertical cutter is inside the machine. Down-feeding paper packaging machine, the film roll is under the machine, and the former is not adjustable. You can purchase different formers to change the cutting width. In the process of using the motor, you can adjust the cutting width of the machine according to your needs. Different pillow packing machines are available for your needs.

horizontal packing machine
horizontal packing machine

The structure feature of the candy packing machine

  1. The feeding platform is made of stainless steel. This material is durable.
  2. It can be equipped with a single knife, double knife, three-knife cutting.
  3. The display makes setting parameters easy and quick. It adopts English control platform.
  4. High-sensitivity cursor tracking and digital input of the sealing make the sealing and cutting position more accurate.
  5. The transmission system is simple, and the operation is more reliable. Also, the maintenance is more convenient.
  6. This candy packing machine is versatile. It can pack products in different fields.

The performance advantages of the candy packaging machine

  1. Objects of different sizes can be packaged by switching different former.
  2. The cutter speed is adjustable. You can adjust the cutter speed by setting the parameters on the control screen.
  3. The cutter speed is adjustable and the cutting temperature is controlled by an independent PID control screen. It is suitable for various packaging materials.
  4. You can change the package width by adjusting the former part.
components of the candy packing machine
components of the candy packing machine

Package Style



1. How many packaging methods are there?

A pillow-type packing machine can only back seal.

2. Is the shaper adjustable?

No, it is possible to pack different sizes of objects by changing the shaper.

3. How to split and ship this machine if I buy it?

Generally, it is delivered in two parts.

4. What kind of packaging machines do you sell?

In addition, we have a pillow vacuum packing machine, candy pillow pack machine, horizontal pillow packing machine, etc.

5. Can the customer choose the motor?

Yes, it can. In addition to ordinary motors, servo motors can also be selected. The pillow-type packing machine is equipped with a servo motor, so it can automatically sense the length of the material. And then IT will be cut after sensing the material. When the materials do not arrive, the packaging film and the cutter will not work to prevent waste. Servo motors are more expensive than ordinary motors.

The working video of the horizontal flow wrapping packaging machine

 Technical parameter of the candy packing machine

Film WidthMax 250 mm
Bag Length45-220 mm
Bag Width30-110 mm
Product HeightMax.40 mm
Capacity40-330 bag/min
Power2.4 kW
Weight800 kg
Dimension3770*670*1450 mm
notebe able to customize

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