Last Friday, we came to an agreement on cooperation on meat vacuum packaging machine with our Ghana customers. He will import 20 sets of single chamber vacuum packing machine from our factory. To make more profit and help his business for our Ghana friend, we gave him the best price.  

What is a meat vacuum packaging machine?

Meat vacuum packaging machine is a type of vacuum sealer. It is a great meat packaging solution. The working principle of the meat vacuum packing equipment is by pumping the air out of the meat. Therefore, the meat packaged will stay fresh and have a long life. For home and industrial applications, there are various types of meat vacuum packing machine available in the global market.

Types of meat vacuum packing machine for sale

We design and manufacture different meat vacuum packaging equipment for different requirements. For example, for home uses, we produce a small table top vacuum packing machine. This vacuum packer have a small size and affordable price. It is highly suitable for home use. Besides, for commercial uses, we manufacture single chamber vacuum sealer, double chamber vacuum sealer, and external suction vacuum sealer. They have different features and advantages. If you want to know more details about these machines, you can have a peek at these:, or contact us for professional help.

portable vacuum packaging machine
portable desktop vacuum packaging machine

Meat vacuum packing machine applications  

Generally, this meat vacuum packing machine can apply for various meat products, such as beef, chicken, sausage, pork, mutton, bacon, frozen meat, hot dog, steak, poultry, ground meat, sustainable meat, fresh meat, raw meat, biltong, etc. All these meat products can be vacuum sealed to keep fresh for a very long time.  

Single chamber vacuum packing machine VS double chamber vacuum packing machine

This two vacuum packing machines have similarities and differences. Firstly, they are both chamber vacuum packing machine. they have the same working principle. Secondly, it is clear for us to know they have different chamber numbers. Single chamber vacuum sealer just has one room, while double chamber vacuum sealer has two rooms. This represents a double chamber vacuum packing machine has double times efficiency than a single chamber one. Thirdly, they have different costs. Usually, a single room vacuum packing machine price is lower than a double room vacuum packing machine. If you wanna know more details about vacuum packing machine price, get in touch with us for a free price list.  

single chamber sealer and double chamber sealer

What vacuum packaging machine do for your meat?

As we all know, oxygen is significant for animals and humans as well when we are alive. But when the animal is dead, oxygen will accelerate the decay of meat. At this time, a meat vacuum packing machine plays an important role in the keep fresh meat. It pumps the air out of the meat packing, in fact, a vacuum packer itself can not keep the meat from going bad, it just serves to stay the meat from oxidizing and losing its flavor.

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