Small powder pouch packing machine

Powder Packing Equipment Sold to Congo

In the heart of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a coffee manufacturer named Oliver faced a common challenge in his industry - the labor-intensive process of packaging coffee powder.....

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Chilli powder

Chilli powder packing machine exported to Sri Lanka

At the end of February, we successfully exported 20 sets of fully automatic chilli powder packing machines to Sri Lanka. And the machines have already shipped to the Colombo port....

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Meat vacuum packaging machine exported to Ghana

Last Friday, we came to an agreement on cooperation on meat vacuum packaging machine with our Ghana customers. He will import 20 sets of single chamber vacuum packing machine from....

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Laundry soap

Soap wrapping machine exported to Pakistan

Recently, we successfully exported two sets of soap wrapping machines to Pakistan. After running several days of this machine, our reliable partner from a soap factory is quite satisfied with....

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Double chamber vacuum packing machine

Double chamber vacuum packing machine sold to India

Customer case In July, an Indian customer contacted us and said he wanted to package chikwangue. Chikwangue is made from cassava or place, which is fermented and packed in banana....

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Tea packaging machine

Tea packaging machine sold to Bangladesh

A customer from Bangladesh The customer from Bangladesh, a local green tea producer, needed a machine to increase the productivity of his factory. We learned of the customer's packaging size....

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Vacuum capping machine

Vacuum capping machine sold to Vietnam

A customer from Vietnam The customer has already bought three times machines from our company before, which are a chicken cutter, meat slicer, and frying pan. This time the customer....

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Incense stick packaging machine

Incense stick packing machine sold to Sri Lanka

The long history of incense Incense is a substance that’s burned to produce a fragrant scent. In fact, the word “incense” is derived from the Latin word for “to burn.”Incense....

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Syringe packing machine

Disposable Syringe Packing Machine Sold to Korea

The Overview of Syringe Packing There are two packaging methods for the syringe, one is nitrogen-filled packaging and the other is vacuum packaging. Nitrogen-filled syringe packaging uses the pillow type....

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Bread packing machine

Taizy New Bread Packing Machine Is Exported to the Dominican Republic

This bread packing machine can pack all kinds of bread, long loaves, small bread, sliced bread, pastries, shaqima, etc. The entire packaging process includes filling, forming, sealing, cutting, date printing,....

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