A customer from Malaysia

In July this year, a customer from Malaysia contacted us on WhatsApp, he is mainly engaged in pottery production, he said he wanted a packaging machine to pack clay, he asked for gusseted bags, the material of the rolled film required aluminum foil, the thickness of the rolled film is about 80μm. After understanding his factory’s production scale and specific needs, our manager recommended this reciprocating pillow packaging machine to him. The machine has high packing efficiency. It can save labor costs and raw material costs and can maximize the factory profit.

In order to provide convenience to the customer, we asked the customer for the raw materials he needed to package, set the parameters for the customer in advance according to the size of the raw materials, and took videos of the operation and the packaging results to reassure the customer. When the customer receives the machine, the machine can be put into production directly, our company has always put the benefits of the customer first!

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Packaging Effect Of Clay
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The difference between reciprocating pillow packaging machine and horizontal pillow packing machine

The type of bags that can be packed by horizontal pillow packaging machines is very single. It is only applicable to common types of bags, such as back-sealed bags or poly-sealed bags. This machine is not only able to pack common bag types, but also the gusseted bags. Because the machine from Taizy Company has a gusset device that is designed to pack specific bags to enhance the beauty of the product.

In addition, the difference in efficiency and performance between the two machines is also very distinct. The reciprocating servo pillow packaging machine uses an advanced frequency converter. When packaging different bag lengths of products do not need to be manually adjusted, you only need to set the corresponding parameters on the touch screen, while the ordinary pillow packaging machine requires manual adjustment. So if your factory needs to mass production of packaging a certain commodity, it is recommended that you give priority to reciprocating servo pillow packing machine.

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Live Photos Of Reciprocating Pillow Packaging Machine
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