Tea bag packing machines are an indispensable packaging tool for the tea manufacturing industry. It can free labor and save your costs. Besides, awesome packaging bags can attract more clients to your tea business. Recently, tea has been growing more and more popular and there is a huge demand for tea packing machines. Tea bag packing machine can pack the inner bag and the outer bag at one time, and automatically combine them into a disposable package. It is suitable for packaging various teas, such as lemongrass tea, black tea, flower tea, white tea, green tea, herbal tea, loose tea, and other common tea on the market. It can also pack small granular items such as medicated tea and powdered tea. Are you looking for a reliable tea packaging machine to benefit your project? Contact us for more details.

Working Video of Tea Packaging Equipment

Applications of Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine

Tea packing machine has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for packaging various teas like green tea, scented tea, herbal tea, loose-leaf tea, health tea, lemongrass tea, oolong tea, black tea, etc. The automatic tea bag packing machine replaces the traditional manual packaging. This greatly enhances productivity. Besides, it is safer and more hygienic. We use food-grade machine material to ensure harmlessness to humans. If you are involved in the tea business, the tea packing machine is a great tool for you.

Tea bag packing machine applications
Tea Bag Packing Machine Applications

Features of Taizy Tea Packing Machine

  • The outer sealing paper is controlled by a stepping motor, with stable bag length and accurate positioning.
  • Adopting a PID adjusting temperature controller, the temperature is controlled more accurately.
  • PLC is used to control the movement of the whole machine, human-machine interface display, easy to operate.
  • All the parts that can contact the material are made of SUS304 stainless steel to ensure the hygiene and reliability of the products.
  • Part of the working cylinder adopts original imported parts to ensure its accurate and stable work.
  • The additional device of this machine, such as a coding machine can complete the functions of flat mouth shearing, date printing, easy-to-tear mouth, etc.

What is the Cost of Tea Packing Machine?

In fact, the cost of tea packing machines from different packing machinery manufacturers is varied. Because tea bag packing machine price is closely related to lots of factors like machine material, machine structure, machine configuration, shipping cost, etc. In short, good machines deserve good prices. However, even the shrewdest businessman can be cheated by suppliers. So it is clearly important to choose a reliable tea packing machine supplier. With good performance and favorable prices, Taizy tea bagging machines have been widely praised by customers around the world. If you are interested in this machine, contact us now for a free tea packing machine price list.

Customer feedback of tea packing machine
Customer Feedback On Tea Packing Machine

Technical Parameters of Tea Bagging Machine

Sealing FormThree Side Sealing
Weighing Range1-5 Gram/Bag
Inner Bag SizeLength: 50-75mm
Width: 50-75mm
Outer Bag SizeLength: 85-120mm
Width: 75-95mm
Label Size25*25
Packing Speed30-50bag/min
Total Power3.7KW

Structure Details of Tea Bag Packaging Machine

Tea bag packing machine structure
Tea Bag Packing Machine Structure
Tea packing machine parts
Tea Packing Machine Parts

Is Tea a Profitable Business?

According to the expert survey, tea is a profitable and low-cost product category for operators compared to other types of beverages. According to a presentation slide detailing profit margins for commercial operators, “Tea has a 98 percent profit margin and lower costs. That compares with 81 percent for coffee, 75 percent for water, and 38 percent for soft drinks. Therefore, the popularity of tea is for a reason. And tea packing machine has a big demand. It is a great time for you to start your tea project.

Advantages of Small Tea Bag Packing Machine

  1. In terms of efficiency, it is more efficient than manual labor.
  2. From the cost point of view, it is lower than manual packaging.
  3. From the perspective of hygiene, it is more hygienic than manual packaging.
  4. Packaging mechanized products are more exquisite.

Customer Case from Taizy Packaging Machinery

A Greek customer wanted a tea packing machine for the packaging of inner and outer bags. Our business manager recommended this model, according to the customer’s needs. This customer originally had a tea packing machine. But now he wants to expand production, so he bought another one to pack hibiscus flowers.

Feedback from our africa customer
Feedback From Our African Customer

Value-added services

In addition to some practical tools, we will also give you the necessary parts for the machine such as a mixing shaft, temperature sensing wire, heating tube, etc. Our technician will wrap the wire on the inner package directly on the spool before delivery for your convenience. By the way, our machine can be used with a coding machine to facilitate the printing of production date on the bags, if you have this requirement you can communicate with our manager in advance.

Temperature Sensing Wire And Heating Tube
Coding Machine Available

Why Choose Us?

Taizy packaging factory employs experienced engineers who are well-versed in professional knowledge to ensure the quality of our machines and to constantly make technological breakthroughs and innovations. All our machines can be customized according to customers’ needs. Over the past ten years, our factory has formed a complete and efficient process from production to delivery. Making customers satisfied is our Taizy company’s first guideline. And we recruit agents all over the world. Welcome to join us for a successful journey together.

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