Teabag packaging machine, tea packing machine with line and label, tea bag packaging machine inside and outside, and nylon triangle tea bag packaging machine is the most classic tea bags on the market, with the largest sales volume and the largest user base. These packaging machines can automatically pack tea bags, drink tea, scented tea, and tea leaves, etc. Whether it’s from Taizy company or other companies, the following are the common faults and troubleshooting methods of the inside and outside tea bag packing machine.

Fault One:With Line and Label Tea Bag Packaging Machine will Stop Automatically When Working.

  1. The speed measuring gear is not detected at the moment of starting.
  2. The output set arrives.
  3. The alarm shutdown is set.
  4. PLC program error.
  5. There is an error signal input to the PLC.
  6. Cut off the main power supply for 1 minute, turn it on again, and let the PLC reset.

Fault Two. The Longitudinal Sealing Speed of the Outer Bag of the Inner and Outer Tea Packaging Machine Is too Fast.

  1. The date printing switch setting of the stepper motor driver is wrong.
  2. The cursor point is not detected during photoelectric tracking.
  3. The speed detector is damaged.
  4. The position proximity switch is damaged.

Fault Three. The Longitudinal Sealing of the Outer Bag of the Inner and Outer Tea Packing Machine Does Not Work.

  1. The speedometer does not detect the speed gear;
  2. The bag length is not set.
  3. The stepper driver is out of power or damage;
  4. The stepper motor current is set too small, and the longitudinal sealing resistance is relatively large.
  5. The stepping motor is damaged.
  6. The PLC did not send out a step pulse.
  7. The connection between PLC and the stepping driver is open, check whether the 2K resistor is open.
  8. Check if the wiring between the stepper motor and the driver is broken.
  9. The position proximity switch does not send a signal to the PLC.

Fault Four. The Main Motor of the Tea Bag Packing Machine with Line and Label Does Not Run

  1. The PLC did not send a signal to the inverter;
  2. The fuse of the main motor is blown
  3. Improper setting of the inverter;
  4. The middle relay under the electric control box is damaged or the circuit is disconnected.
  5. The inverter is damaged.
  6. The main motor is damaged.
  7. An error signal enters the PLC or the PLC is disturbed.

Fault Five.  There Is a Problem with the Cutting of the Inner Bag of the Tea Packaging Machine

  1. The cutter is blunt.
  2. The cutter adjustment is not enough.
  3. Not enough pressure.

Fault Six. The Label or Line of the Teabag Packaging Machine with Line and Label Is Not Cut

  1. Bad scissors.
  2. The scissors are not well adjusted.

Fault Seven.  The Outer Bag of the Tea Bag Packaging Machine With Line and Label Cannot Be Cut

  1. The cutter is blunt.
  2. The cutter adjustment is not high enough.
  3. Not enough pressure.
  4. The temperature can be appropriately increased without damaging the packaging film.

Fault Eight. After Pressing the Stop Button,  the Tea Bag Packaging Machine Cannot Be Stopped

  1. After replacing the PLC, the “stop position” is not set
  2. The touch screen is damaged.
  3. The inverter is damaged.
  4. The PLC is damaged and no stop signal is sent to the inverter.
  5. The buttons are not actually touched.

Fault Nine. the Bag Clamping Device of the Tea Packaging Machine Does Not Work

  1. The bag clamping and bag placement positions are not set.
  2. The air switch is not turned on.
  3. No output from PLC.
  4. The solenoid valve is damaged.
  5. The pneumatic clamp is damaged.
  6. The reaction speed of the pneumatic clamp cannot keep up with the mechanical speed.

Fault Ten. Bad Sealing of Label

  1. The temperature is not enough;
  2. Not enough pressure.
  3. The label is bad.

Fault Eleven. the Inner and Outer Bags of the Tea Packaging Machine Are Longitudinally Sealed Unilaterally

  1. Poor shaper or internal force is blocked;
  2. The shaper is not well adjusted.
  3. When the packaging film is installed, it is not aligned with the center axis of the former.

Fault Twelve. the Unloading Clutch of the Tea Packaging Machine Cannot Be Disengaged

  1. The fixed feeding pan type needs to be stopped, and the feed pan can be disengaged by turning it.
  2. The clutch handle and conduction rod are faulty.

Fault Thirteen. There Is No Action on the Tray and Feeding Line of the Tea Packaging Machine

  1. The clutch is not closed.
  2. The wire feeding and unloading adjustment handwheel is not pressed down and meshes with the gear.
  3. The two bevel teeth do not mesh.
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