This powder filling machine is designed for handling powder products 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 30kg, 40kg, and a maximum of 50kg. Equipped with a feeding machine and sealing machine, it can complete the weighing, filling, and sealing process. Auger powder filling equipment is widely used for packaging various dry powders like detergent powder, chili powder, spices powder, milk powder, cement powder, herb powder, nutrition powder, etc. It has the advantages of super efficiency and high performance. And this powder weighing and filling machine is suitable for projects with huge production demand. Contact us today to greatly benefit your business. Besides, we are recruiting agents all over the world to be rich together. Contact us now.

Structures of automatic powder filling machine

The machine mainly includes four parts: automatic weighing device, conveying device, sewing device, and computer control system. It has a reasonable structure and an attractive appearance, easy to operate and clean up. Besides, the flour packing machine is energy-saving and cost-saving. And the weighing function is accurate. Furthermore, the powder filling sealing machine can be equipped with a feeding machine, so easy to feed raw materials.

Structure of flour packing machine
Structure Of Powder Filling Machine

Parameters of the powder filling packing machine

Packing weight range5-50kg
Packing quantity range3-4 bags/min
Material201 stainless steel
Dimensionslength 2000×width 800×height 2500 (mm)

How much does a powder filling machine cost?

In fact, a powder filling machine cost is related to so many factors, mainly consisting of external factors and internal factors. For external factors like shipping cost, international currency exchange rate, filling machine manufacturer, etc. For internal factors like machine types, machine materials, motor brand, etc. Every factory could terribly affect the powder filling machine price. Therefore, when you buy a powder filling machine, it is important for you to know your needs exactly. If you don`t know which one to choose, consult our skilled experts for suggestions.

Powder filling machine
Powder Filling Machine

Working process of automatic powder filling packaging machine

Working Process: Material placing → Manually bag placing → Automatic filling → Automatic weighing → Automatic conveying → Automatic sealing → Finished
In addition, the package bag and sealing devices are different. You can choose a suitable one according to your actual needs.

Weighing method of powder filling machine

The powder filling packaging machine uses a TH-25 computer quantitative packaging scale. This scale is a new generation of intelligent packaging scales developed by the Taizy company. The main part of the packaging machine adopts fast self-flow cutting or screw-propelling cutting. Its measurement method is bucket measurement. The packaging machine uses advanced frequency conversion technology for small-scale feeding and measuring. Meanwhile, it adopts advanced digital frequency conversion control technology and anti-interference technology. This technology can realize automatic error compensation and correction.

Computer automatic packaging scale
Computer Automatic Packaging Scale

Benefits of using dry powder filling machine

1 The application of an automatic powder packing scale improves the working environment and efficiency. Also, the use of packaging machines can reduce labor costs.

2. According to the different materials of the packaging bag, choose a folding seam machine or a heat sealing machine. The accessories have good performance. And the technology of the powder packaging machine is very mature;

3. This packaging machine solves the problem of sticky material and bulk material in the powder packaging.

4. The use of packaging machines greatly improves the speed of powder packaging.

Why use a packaging machine to package powder?

The powder product itself is relatively fine. Therefore, the dust in the packaging process is relatively large. Manual operation is not only slow but also the health of employees is not guaranteed. This problem can be completely solved by using the automatic powder packaging scale produced by our company. For food powder or chemical powder factories, it is necessary to purchase an automatic powder filling machine.

How to choose the most suitable powder filling machine?

When you choose this scale, please provide the following information. Then, our technical engineers can provide you with the most accurate technical configuration plan.

  1. The characteristics of packaging materials: granules or powders, material size or mesh, moisture content, etc.
  2. Packing bag characteristics: bag length and width, woven bag or paper bag or plastic bags.
  3. Details of your expected output, feeding method. And whether the site has limitations.
Flour packaging machine display
Flour Packaging Machine Display

Optional accessories

Sealing device:

You can choose the sealing machine according to your needs. Such as plastic sealing machines, vacuum sealing machines, or other sealing machines.

Sealing device of flour packaging machine
Sealing Device Of Flour Packaging Machine

Feeding device:

You can also buy a feeder. The feeding machine can automatically transport various materials to the packaging machine and the hopper, which reduces the labor intensity of workers and solves the problem of dust overflow during feeding. This feeding method can prevent dust from polluting the environment and improve the working environment. At the same time, it also reduces the pollution of the environment and personnel to the materials and meets the GMP standard.

Feeder of this granule filling machine
Feeder Of This Granule Filling Machine

Technical advantages of powder filling machine

● The powder filling equipment adopts an electrostatic spraying production process.
● It has independent suspension sensors. Therefore, this packaging machine has a stable signal transmission and accurate weighing.
● Its host adopts frequency conversion technology.
● It adopts an infrared sensor and servo cutting. This way is more energy-saving and power-saving.
● It can automatically store shift output, daily output, and cumulative output.

Value-added services

1. QC: We have a strict quality control system. Before shipment, we will take photos and videos for you.
2. After-sales service: 24 hours online and lifetime maintenance. English manual and video teaching.
3. Production time: 20-25 days

Q&A about Taizy powder filling equipment

  1. What is the price of powder filling machine?
    The specific details of the powder filling machine can be customized. In addition, you can choose different sealing machines. Therefore, the price is also different. You can tell us your needs and we will decide the final price.
  2. What is the weight range that can be packed in powder packaging?
    Packing weight: 5-50kg
  3. What material is the packaging machine made of?
    It is made of 201 stainless steel.
  4. Is the transportation of the packaging machine safe? Machines are wrapped in plastic film first before packing, which is to avoid moisture in the sea. The machines are put in a wooden case which is free of fumigation, lined with metal wire if necessary.
  5. Which packaging film can I choose for packaging flour?
    Paper bags, film-coated woven bags, double-layer composite bags.
  6. What is the payment method?
    100% payment by bank transfer or credit card. We will also change the payment methods according to your needs.
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