Horizontal packing machine, or horizontal flow wrap machine is a type of automatic pouch machine. It has a very wide range of applications and can pack both food and non-food products, such as bread, candy, vegetables, pasta, noodles, pastries, metal parts, daily necessities, frozen foods, disposable products, solid alcohol cartons, trays, face mask, etc. Our horizontal packaging machine for sale has four different models, TZ-250, TZ-350, TZ-450, and TZ-600. Different models have different advantages and parameters. And they are suitable for packing different products. If you have any trouble with the choice of a reliable horizontal pillow packing machine, contact us for professional free guidance.

The working video of the horizontal type packing machine

What is a horizontal flow wrap machine?

Horizontal packing machine is also called a horizontal flow wrap machine. It is designed for packaging food and non-food products with an irregular shape, such as bread, face masks, pasta, plastics, etc. A horizontal pillow packing machine mainly consists of a conveyor belt, control panel, bag former, sealing machine, and cutting machine. The horizontal flow wrap machine finishes three tasks in one process, forming a bag, filling it, and then sealing and cutting it. By setting parameters on the control panel, they can automatically complete these tasks. Flow wrapping machines are usually called horizontal form fill seal machines.

Classification standards for the four machine models

Different film width

The horizontal packaging machine model reflects the width of the packaging film. TZ-250 horizontal packaging machine has a maximum film width of 250 mm. The maximum film width of the TZ-350 type packaging machine is 350 mm. The TZ-450 horizontal packaging machine has a maximum film width of 450 mm. The maximum film width of the TZ-600 packaging machine is 600mm.

The horizontal packaging machine can pack soap, moon cakes, masks, and other products. The following is a detailed introduction to these 4 machine parameters. You can choose the machine model reasonably according to your needs.

Different structures – upper paper feed and lower paper feed

The roll film of the bread packaging machine has two conveying modes, namely upper feeding and lower feeding. The roll film is on the top of the machine for the top feeder, the former can be fine-tuned, and the vertical cutter is inside the machine. The cutting width can be changed by adjusting the former. Down-feeding paper packaging machine, the film roll is under the machine, and the former is not adjustable. You can purchase different formers to change the cutting width.

Pillow packing machine factory
Pillow Packing Machine Factory

Various types of horizontal packing machines for sale

Type 1–The horizontal packaging machine TZ-250

The horizontal packing machine TZ-250 is suitable for packaging bags with a width of 30-110mm and a bag length of 45-220mm. The products are transported uniformly on the conveyor belt. The packaging machine will complete the packaging of the product through heat sealing and film cutting. The packaging speed is fast and will not cause empty packages, which can greatly increase the packaging speed. Generally used to package smaller products.

Horizontal packing machine tz-250
Horizontal Packing Machine Tz-250

Technical parameters

Film WidthMax 250 mm
Bag Length45-220 mm
Bag Width30-110 mm
Product HeightMax.40 mm
Capacity40-330 bag/min
Power2.4 kW

Type 2–The horizontal packaging machine TZ-350

The horizontal packing machine TZ-350 is suitable for packaging bags with a 50-160mm width and a bag length of 120-280mm. All models of machines have two kinds of paper feeding and lower feeding. You can choose the appropriate packaging machine according to the product to be packaged. This upper paper horizontal packaging machine can be used to pack blocky and regular objects. The lower paper horizontal packing machine is suitable for soft materials.

Horizontal packaging machine tz 350
Horizontal Packaging Machine Tz-350

Technical parameters

Film WidthMax 350mm
Bag Length120~280mm
Bag Width50~160mm
Product HeightMax. 60mm
Capacity40-230 bag/min
Power2.6 kW

Type 3–The horizontal packaging machine TZ-450  

The horizontal packing machine TZ-450 is suitable for packaging bags with a width of 50-180mm and a bag length of 130-450mm. When packaging bread or other products, it can be equipped with nitrogen-filling equipment. This packaging method can extend the shelf life of the product and generate more commercial profits.

Horizontal packing machine tz-450
Horizontal Packing Machine Tz-450

Technical parameters

Film WidthMax 450mm
Bag Length130-450mm
Bag Width50-180mm
Product HeightMax.70mm
Capacity30-180 bag/min
Power2.6 kW

Type 4–The horizontal packaging machine TZ-600

The horizontal packing machine TZ-600 is suitable for packaging bags with a width of 50-180mm and a bag length of 120-450mm. This machine is suitable for packaging quick-frozen food, bread, pancakes, fruits, lettuce, eggplant, celery, mustard greens, Chinese cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, and other vegetables. The machine can pack products with trays, such as beef rolls, mutton rolls, fruits, and other products. The products that can be packaged are exquisite in appearance, safe, and hygienic.

Horizontal packaging machine tz-600
Horizontal Packaging Machine Tz-600

Technical parameters of the TZ-600 horizontal packing machine

Film WidthMax 600mm
Bag Length120-450mm
Bag Width50-180mm
Product HeightMax.70mm
Capacity30-180 bag/min

What is the horizontal packing machine price?

The horizontal packing machine price is from 3,000 USD to 30,000 USD. Therefore, we can clearly see that the horizontal flow wrap machine price varies greatly. What causes this phenomenon? There are lots of factors that are closely related to the pillow packing machine price, such as machine parameters, motor brand, shipping cost, and machine material. Compared with price, machine quality is more important.

So what should be considered when buying a horizontal packing machine? Brand, quality, and service. A famous brand means rich experience and strong capacity. Good quality means less maintenance and long service life. Taizy Packaging machines have been successfully exported to over 80 countries and obtained wide praise.

Structure of the horizontal wrapping machine

The horizontal packaging machine from Taizy company is composed of a Touch screen, feeding platform, film roll device, forming part, heat seal cutter, and baking paint. A brief introduction about the main parts is as follows.

Structure of horizontal packing machines
Structure Of Horizontal Packing Machines

1. The touch screen adopts an English interface. You can click the button to change the functions like sealing speed and temperature.
2. The feeding platform is made of stainless steel. This material is durable.
3. The forming part can adjust the cutting speed and width.
4. The baking paint of the horizontal packing machine is an anti-corrosive material. The appearance of this machine looks nice. This material can keep the packing machine away from damage.

Features and advantages of the horizontal packing machine

  1. You can adjust the operation panel according to the material.
  2. The horizontal packing machine can be equipped with a single knife, a double knife, and three knives for cutting.
  3. It’s convenient to set parameters.
  4. High-sensitivity cursor tracking and digital input of the sealing and cutting position make the sealing and cutting position more accurate.
  5. The transmission system is simple, the operation is more reliable, and the maintenance is more convenient.
  6. The horizontal bag packaging machine has a fault self-diagnosis function, so the fault is displayed at a glance.
  7. Double inverter control and the bag length is set and then cut immediately. No need to adjust the empty running and one step is in place. The whole packaging process saves time and film.
  8. An independent PID controls the temperature, which is better suitable for various packaging materials.

Why do you need a horizontal flow wrap machine?

Safety and hygiene:

Product packaging is very important in various industries, especially the food and medical industries. The food produced, after being packaged, can effectively block air pollution. For foods such as bread, the packaging can be inflated. This packaging method extends the shelf life of the food. Reduce food waste caused by expiration, which can create more profits.

Convenient to carry:

The horizontal packaging machine packs the products independently, gathering scattered items and facilitating storage. At the same time, it is more convenient to carry.

Attractive appearance:

The packaging materials and packaging film styles of the product can be selected by yourself. Also, you can design by yourself. What’s more, the outer packaging of beautiful powder products can increase people’s desire to buy and always increase sales. Also, packaging can bring you more profits.

Building a brand image:

Good packaging is not only good-looking, but it also has an important added value. It can create a good corporate image. The logo designed by the brand itself will become a postcard of the brand. Create influence for the enterprise.

Packaging products display

Products packing
Products Packing

Optional device for horizontal pillow packing machine

Coding machine: this device can complete coding evenly.
Inflatable device: An inflatable device can inflate nitrogen so as to keep food from spoiling in a short period of time.
Exhaust device: it can make the air exhausted.
Brush: it can make the packaging appear flat.
Support custom service.

Components and optional devices
Components And Optional Devices


1. How to adjust if the horizontal seal and vertical seal device have malfunctioned?

Just adjust the positions of the two pairs of red and blue lines.

2. How long objects can be packed with single-blade, double-blade, and three-blade pillow type packaging machines?

The single-blade packaging is 14-30cm
The range of double-blade packaging is: 10-22cm
The three-blade packaging is less than 10cm
The more blades, the faster the cutting speed and the shorter the packaging.

3. What kind of coding machine can I add?

Pillow-type packaging machine allows for ink wheel coding.

4. Is the bag maker adjustable?

Yes, by adjusting the bag maker, different sizes of objects can be packed.

5. Is the cutter speed adjustable?

Yes. There is a special handle to adjust the cutting speed.

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