Liquid pouch packing machine here is a type of automatic liquid filling sealing machine. It is suitable for packaging various liquid products, such as water, juice, oil, milk, detergent, soda, coffee, antiseptic, etc. The liquid sachet packing machine can automatically complete the process of film-forming, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, and printing. With a simple structure and intelligent PLC control touch screen, it is very easy to operate. Besides, the liquid packaging equipment is designed to be energy-saving. Taizy Machinery has rich experience in the research and manufacturing of quality liquid packing machine and liquid filling machine. If you are interested in it, contact us for the best price.

Applications of liquid pouch packing machine

Liquid pouch packing machine is widely used in the liquid industry, such as pure water, mineral water, oil, juice, milk, honey, ketchup, etc. With high efficiency and good performance, it can extremely improve your productivity. Besides, if you need a bottle liquid filling line, it is available from us. Contact us for more useful details.

Liquid packing machine applications
Liquid Packing Machine Applications

Structure features of automatic liquid pouch packing machine

The automatic liquid pouch packing machine mainly concludes bag former, vertical sealing device, film pulling, discharge lower pallet, control panel, stainless steel body, liquid pump. Stainless steel is used for the contact part of the machine and the material. The packaging form is back seal. The metering method adopts valve plug pump filling. The packaging film is sterilized. The finished bag is beautifully packed, safe, and hygienic. The packaging material adopts heat-sealable plastic film such as polyethylene or PE.

Liquid pouch packing machine structure
Liquid Pouch Packing Machine Structure

Film former can fold the flat plastic film into product packaging. Vertical seal makes the packaging film into back-seal style. Then, the film pulling can convey the plastic film steadily. The packed bag of liquid comes out from the discharge lower pallet, which can cushion the product’s gravity and prevent damage. The control panel can control the sealing temperature, heating, sterilization, and counting. You can adjust the switch according to your needs. Liquid materials can be transported quantitatively. The weight of the transported liquid is accurate. The pump has a backflow effect. The valve is open when the machine is working, and the excess liquid will flow back.

Liquid pouch packing machine parameters

Model AS-1000
Bag length50-150mm
Bag width40-150mm
Packaging film width100-320mm
Packing capacity50-500mm
Packing speed2000-2200mm
Overall quality275kg

Automatic liquid pouch packing machine working process

The whole working process of liquid pouch packing machine: film delivery-ultraviolet sterilization-bag making-filling and filling-bag cutting-finished product.

Working process of liquid packing machine
Working Process Of Liquid Packing Machine

Features of automatic liquid packaging machine

  1. The liquid packing machine can automatically complete the process of bag forming, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, and the date printing. At the same time, it can be customized according to customer requirements.
  2. This machine has good performance and easy operation.
  3. The whole contact parts between the liquid pouch packing machine and the liquid use 304 stainless steel. What’s more, this machine meets the food and drug sanitation license standards. It can be equipped with UV sterilization.
  4. The metering method adopts a plunger positive displacement pump for filling and metering. The adjustment and metering are simple.
  5. The advanced design ensures that the machine is suitable for different industries. It is very convenient to adjust, operate and maintain when used. It can be used with various automatic measuring equipment at home and abroad.

How much does a liquid filling packing machine cost?

There are lots of types of liquid pouch packing machines on the market. The same liquid packing machine from different packing machine manufacturers may different from 200usd to 600usd. So choosing the correct machine is difficult for customers. If you buy a machine just based on the cost, the machine you purchased may not reliable. Quality and service should be seriously taken into account. And the liquid pouch packing machine price is decided by its value. In short, quality and service are priorities. Because a packing machine the longer you use it, the lower the cost.

Liquid packing machine factory
Liquid Packing Machine Factory

Advantages of automatic liquid sachet packing machine

  1. Wide range of packaging: suitable for liquids of various states and properties;
  2. Convenient operation: PLC control and man-machine interface operating system make the operation intuitive and convenient;
  3. Suitable for different types of packaging bags;
  4. Perfect energency stop system to ensure the yield rate and not waste bags and materials;
  5. The packaging part of the machine adopts stainless steel materials to ensure the sanitation of the materials and comply with GMP standards;
  6. The high degree of automation: unmanned in the whole process of weighing and packaging, automatic alarm when a failure occurs;
  7. The liquid packaging machine adopts a waterproof design. You can wash it with water. it will reduce the difficulty of maintenance and increases the service life of the machine.
Liquid packing machine details
Liquid Packing Machine Details

Working principle of automatic liquid packing machine

The liquid material passes through the top of the packaging machine from the feeding box. The liquid material will flow into the feeding barrel after being measured. The packaging material (such as polypropylene film) on the roll is guided into the outer wall of the feeding cylinder by three traction rollers. Then, it is gradually wound into the abutting cylinder by the lapel bag former and a pair of continuous reverses on the longitudinal sealer. The rotating longitudinal sealing roller is heated and pressurized at the butt joint to heat seal it firmly in the longitudinal direction.

The longitudinal sealing roller can play the role of heat sealing. Also, It can pull and feed the film at the same time. The material to be packaged is introduced into the plastic bag by the filling cylinder composed of the feeding trough and the inner wall of the former. Transverse heat sealing can form a transverse seal. When the rotary cutter on the cutting device contacts the fixed cutter, the transverse seal is cut along the centerline. It aims to complete the top seal of the packaging bag and the bottom seal of the next bag. The bottom-sealed packaging bag can be directly fed into the bag, and then move to a station to complete the top-seal sealing. After that, cut through the cutting device to complete the packaging process. Last, the transport device transports the product. The entire packaging process is fully automatic and continuous.

F&Qs about liquid packaging machine

  1. Can this machine pack carbonated drinks?
    The liquid bag packaging machine cannot pack carbonated drinks. If you want to pack carbonated drinks, you can buy a liquid filling machine.
  2. Can the liquid packaging machine print the date?
    Yes. This machine is equipped with a coding device to realize the production date coding. The coding format is steel stamp coding.
  3. How much is the liquid bag packaging machine?
    The machine has different models. Also, the machine can also be customized according to your needs. So the price is different. You can contact us for more details.
  4. Does this machine have a UV sterilization function?
    Yes, ultraviolet rays sterilize the packaging film.
  5. How exactly does the liquid packaging machine load? Do you need an air compressor?
    The pump draws in the loading material and flows in through the pipeline. No air compressor is required.
  6. Are the packaging weight and bag length adjustable?
    There is an adjustment block behind the box. And it can adjust the packaging weight and packaging length.
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