Automatic can sealing machine is suitable for various metal cans, such as tin cans, aluminum cans, etc. It is widely applied in food&beverage industry, chemical industry, and pharmaceutical industry. Actually, it is a kind of intelligent can sealing machine. The can sealing machine uses an automatic detection system, no cans no sealing. Besides, adopting a PLC control system and large touch screen, the automatic can sealing machine is easy to operate. Compared with a manual can sealer machine, the productivity of this can sealer is 3 times that of it. We believe it will greatly improve your efficiency and benefit your business. Send an inquiry to us for a free quote today.

Automatic can seaming machine working video

Performance features of Taizy automatic can sealing machine

  1. Intelligent detection system. Only when the machine finds cans, it will work. And no cans no sealing.
  2. Easy operation. The automatic can seal machine uses a smart control system and a large touch screen, easy to operate and maintain.
  3. Strong production capability. High automation level, it is suitable equipment for filling the sealing production line.
  4. The sealing wheel imported from Taiwan, has high hardness, good wear resistance, no rust, and excellent sealing performance.
  5. Stainless steel body structure. It is durable and has a long service life.
  6. Wide applications. The industrial can sealer is ideal for various tin cans, aluminum cans, and all kinds of round metal cans.
  7. OEM/ODM service. We have a powerful capacity to provide customization services to meet the requirements of customers.
Can sealing machine factory
Can Sealing Machine Factory

Automatic can sealing machine parameters

Power220V, 50-60Hz220V, 50-60Hz,1.5KW
Production speed30-60can/min25-35can/min
Applicable bottle sizeφ: 70-130mm
H: 60-190mm
H:≤70mm, 70-200mm

Note: OEM/ODM service is available

Famous accessory brands of our can sealing machine

Solenoid valveAirTAC
AC contactorAUTONICS
Proximity switchAUTONICS
Photoelectric switchAUTONICS

What is an automatic can sealing machine?

Automatic can sealing machine or automatic can seamer machine is applied for sealing various metal cans. It is suitable for sealing containers made up of plastic, tin, aluminum, glass, jar, pot, PET, paperboard, and others. Different from a manual can sealer machine that needs a push-button or footswitch for operation, this fully automatic can sealing machine does not need any manual operation.

Automatic can sealer is essential for factories with large production requirements. They need this machine for much higher efficiency and lower cost. Furthermore, this machine can work with filling packing machines together for a complete production line.

Automatic can sealer applications
Automatic Can Sealer Applications

Customizing your automatic can seamer machine

As one of the leading packaging solution manufacturers in China, Taizy Packaging Machinery has a strong OEM/ODM capability to provide excellent can sealers to benefit your project. Before starting your business, it is necessary for us to help you understand your needs. For example, what products and container material do you want to pack? What is the production demand of your factory? What is the structure of your plant? And your other special requirements. Contact us now to start your project.  

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