The yogurt cup filling and sealing machine here is used for automatic yogurt cup packaging. In fact, this machine is not only suitable for yogurt filling and sealing, but also for many other items like milk, coffee, juice, ice cream, jam, and other beverages. It is ideal for small and medium projects. This automatic cup filling and sealing machine can complete the process of moving, filling, sealing, and finishing products. With the rotary design and advanced technology, the cup filling and sealing machine for yogurt has good performance and high efficiency. Besides, Taizy Packaging Machinery supports strong OEM services to meet your specific requirements. Leave our message and we will get back to you soon.

Yogurt cup filling machine working video

What is a yogurt cup filling and sealing machine?

The yogurt filling and sealing machine is designed for yogurt cup packaging. Besides, it is suitable for several industries, including beverage, food, and makeup. Yogurt has a huge demand all over the world. Therefore, the yogurt packaging machine is in great demand and is popular. It can complete the process of automatic cup dropping, filling, film sealing, and cup discharging. Easy operation and maintenance, good performance. the yogurt filling and sealing machine can greatly improve your efficiency and benefit your project. If you own your own yogurt or other beverage business, or you are a packing machine trader, the yogurt cup filling and sealing machine is a great choice for you.

Yougurt cup filling and sealing machine
Yogurt Cup Filling And Sealing Machine

Applications of yogurt cup filling mad sealing machine

This cup filling and sealing machine is not only suitable for yogurt but also for many products, such as oil, yogurt, fresh milk, milk tea, cosmetics, hair care products, fruit drinks, carbonated drinks, ice cream, jelly, lassi, curd, pure water, mineral water, coffee, juice, sauce, jam, etc. The automatic rotary cup filling and sealing machine has a quite wide range of applications. It can be a great tool for your project.

Cup filling sealing machine applications
Cup Filling Sealing Machine Applications

Yogurt filling and sealing machine parameters

Pressure0.5MPa-0.75 MPa
Maximum air consumption0.45m³/m
Machine size100*80*120 cm

Note: The parameters can be customized according to your specific requirements.

Advantages of Taizy automatic rotary cup filling sealing machine

  • The automatic rotary filling and sealing machine is fully functional and the smallest fully automatic machine with a small space occupation.
  • The whole machine is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, sturdy and smooth, not easy to rust.
  • Advanced PLC control system with display, supports multiple languages. It is easy to understand the operation.
  • The electric eye automatically tracks and corrects the sealing position for precise film printing alignment.
  • Accurate filling quantity, automatic feeding by liquid level control of storage drum, automatic cleaning of the drum, and filling the pipeline by CIP. All piping meets food-grade sanitary regulations.
  • The machine will stop automatically when it detects no cups to be filled and will start automatically when the cups are refilled.

Yogurt cup filling sealing machine structure

The yogurt cup filling sealing machine is made up of a sealing system, filling system, PLC control system, automatic cup dropping system, film releasing system, cup discharging system, etc. All these parts work together, there is a fully automatic yogurt cup filling sealing machine available. A large touch screen makes it very easy to operate and set parameters. Besides, durable stainless steel material and advanced technology make the cup filling sealing machine good performance and long service life.

Yogurt packing machine structure
Yogurt Packing Machine Structure

Automatic cup filling sealing machine manufacturer – Taizy Packaging

The rotary cup filling and sealing machine is a fully automatic yogurt packaging line that integrates cup feeding, filling, sealing, and cup discharging. This machine is made of a stainless steel body, which meets the sanitary requirements and is easy to clean and wash. Besides, it is suitable for sealing cups of creams and other products, and for sealing plastic cups, paper cups, aluminum cups, and other cups and boxes.

As a powerful packing machine manufacturer and supplier, our series of products have more than ten years of production experience. With the advanced technology, the whole machine adopts the control system and pneumatic components from Japan, Taiwan, and many famous brands, which have the features of low failure rate, stable performance, and long service life. Besides, we provide granule packing machines, powder packing machines, tea packing machines, etc. Welcome to contact us for a free quote.

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