The rotary premade pouch packing machine here is designed for medium and large production demand. It has a high automation level and super efficiency. This premade pouch fill and seal machine can automatically complete the process of taking the bag, opening the bag, filling, sealing, date printing, and output. The rotary premade bag packing machine has the latest technology, a PLC control system, a famous motor, a mechanical structure, easy operation, maintenance, and stable performance. Besides, the premade pouch packing machine for sale from our factory has a quite competitive price. Welcome to contact us for a free price list.

Rotary premade pouch packing machine working video

Performance features of premade pouch packing machine

  1. Excellent design. It can ensure the stability of equipment operation, reduce material loss, and extend the reduced defective rate.
  2. Adopt advanced PLC + POD(touch screen) electric control system, easy and convenient to operate.
  3. Wide range of applications. It is a high-speed rotary packing machine for various products, such as liquid, paste, granule, powder, and solid. Different feeding systems and packaging systems for different specific packing requirements.
  4. Bag width can be automatically adjusted by one button.
  5. Accurate temperature control devices, modular heating, and heating faults have alarm prompts.
  6. All durable stainless steel material, food-grade material.   
Premade pouch packing machine applications
Premade Pouch Packing Machine Applications

Structure details of premade bag filling machine

The rotary premade pouch packing machine mainly consists of a working platform, multi head weigher, material hoist, metal detection machine, vibrating feeder, elevator, inverter, PLC control system, vacuum pump, cylinder, bag opening device, temperature controller, output system, etc. Moreover, using 304 stainless steel as the main body structure material ensures a long service life and is easy to clean.

Why do you need a premade bag filling and sealing machine?

Premade pouch filling and sealing machine is a great innovation in the packaging industry. It has incomparable features and benefits compared with a common pouch packing machine or filling machine.

# Huge attraction for consumers

Stand-up pouch packaging has won a big market share on supermarket shelves during these years. This kind of bag is ideal for many products like chips, popcorn, snacks, juice, sauces, and lots of other food and beverage products. Besides, these flexible pouches are also more environmentally friendly than rigid containers. It requires fewer resources and energy to manufacture and allows for an attractive product to the end-user.

# Flexibility for manufacturers

With unique features and structures, this rotary premade pouch filling machine is very flexible for packing machine manufacturers. What is the reason? Because this machine mainly consists of two parts, a filling system, and a sealing system. The filling system can be of various types. For example, if you want to pack chips, there is multihead weigher available with high speed and super efficiency. And if you want to pack juice or oil, there is liquid pump available to meet your demand. Therefore, this premade pouch machine can meet your different requirements.

Premade bag filling machine
Premade Bag-Filling Machine

Bag types of the premade bag filling machine

Stand up bag, zipper bag, portable bag, 3 side sealing bag, 4 side sealing bag, and all types of compound bags.

Working process

  1. Bag feeding
  2. Date printing
  3. Bag opening
  4. Filling
  5. Filling
  6. Heat sealing
  7. Forming
  8. Output products

Safety device of Taizy rotary premade bag packing machine

  1. No pouch or no filling, no sealing
  2. No coding ribbon, Emergency stop, and alarm
  3. The sealing temperature anomaly, alarm
  4. No pouch or open error, no filling
  5. The air pressure is not enough, and the alarm
  6. No pouch or open error, no filling
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