Multi lane stick pack machine for efficient and fast packaging of powders, granules, and liquid materials. The finished size of this packaging machine can be adjusted between 50-150 in length and 15-80 in width. Next, we will introduce this machine to you in detail.

Stick pack machine
stick pack machine

What is multi lane stick pack machine?

Multi lane stick pack machine is a kind of automated packaging equipment used in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, daily necessities, and cosmetics. It is capable of simultaneously packing multiple products into bags at the same time with precision. The design of the multi lane stick pack filling machine can be adjusted as needed to accommodate products with different specifications, sizes, and packaging requirements.

Compared to a single lane packaging machine, this multi lane stick pack filling machine has a great advantage in terms of production capacity, and production speed. Also, this machine is more functional.

Multi lane stick sachet packing machine
multi lane stick sachet packing machine

How do multi lane stick pack machines work?

A multi lane stick pack machine works by combining several packaging work units to handle several products at the same time and package them into finished products. Its working principle includes the following main steps:


Firstly, the products are fed into the working area of the multi lane stick pack machine via a vacuum feeder. This involves conveying powdered, liquid, or granular products from the storage area to the packaging workstation.

Bag/container preparation

At the packaging station, the machine prepares the bags to be used. The bag maker creates bags of the right size for the product requirements to ensure the loading of the product to be packaged.

Filling and sealing

Once prepared, the product is precisely filled into the bag. This process involves precise dosing to ensure that the amount of product in each packaging unit is accurate. The bag is then sealed to ensure that the product is sealed and secure.


Finally, the packaged product is discharged to the output and then through the outlet.

Other Additional Functions

In addition to filling and sealing, depending on the configuration of the multi lane stick pack machine, several additional functions are performed, such as printing labels, coding, labeling, etc., to provide identification and information about the packaged product.

Flexible multi lane sachet packaging machine structure

The structure of a multi lane sachet packaging machine includes a liquid pump or auger filler for different materials, unwinding film guide tension structure, former, vertical sealer, horizontal sealer/film pulling unit, easy tear notch unit, round corner punching cutter, moving wheels, motorized film pulling reel, and touch screen HMI.

Machine structure
machine structure

Three different cutting options

Our multi lane stick pack machine offers three different cutting options to suit different types and shapes of packaging needs. These three cutting options include straight cutting, round cutting, and zigzag cutting.

Three different cutting option
three different cutting options

Technical data of three multi lane stick packing machines

Model NumberWP-480YWP-680YWP-880Y
Capactity(bag/min)25-35 beats/min
Range of measurement(g)1-20g(according to the product size)
Bag size(mm)(L)50-150 (W)15-80
Source voltage380V/50Hz  220V/50-60Hz
Packing materialPE laminated film, pure aluminum, aluminum-plated nylon, etc.
Packing weight(kg)850kg950kg1050kg
Overall dimensions1670x1320x2720mm1670x1420x2720mm1670x1520x2720mm

These are just the technical parameters of 3 hot selling machines. Besides these three machines, we also have other models of multi lane stick packing machines for sale. For more specific information please feel free to contact us.

Multi lane stick pack machine
multi lane stick pack machine

Application scope of multi lane stick pack machine

Food industry: used for powder, granular, or liquid food packaging, such as flour, milk powder, coffee powder, glucose, sugar, flavorings, etc.

Pharmaceutical industry: for the packaging of pharmaceuticals, herbal powders, and other granular or liquid drugs.

Cosmetics and personal care products: Used for the packaging of shampoo, shower gel, skincare products, and other products.

Industrial and chemical products: They can be used for the packaging of chemicals, paints, and so on.

Agricultural field: Used for packaging agricultural products such as seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.

Packaging product display
packaging product display

Advantages of multi lane stick sachet packing machine

  1. Efficient production: multi lane stick sachet packing machines can handle multiple packaging work units simultaneously, allowing the packaging process to be parallelized.
  2. Versatility: The machine can accommodate different shapes, sizes, and types of product packaging. Various configurations and customization options are available to meet the needs of different products.
  3. Accurate dosing: multi lane stick pack machines have precise filling and dosing capabilities to ensure that the amount of product in each packaging unit is accurate.
  4. Hygienic Standards: The machine structure is designed to meet hygienic requirements. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel. Therefore, the machine can adapt to the strict hygiene requirements of food, medicine, and other industry standards.
  5. Flexibility: The machine can cope with different packaging needs. A variety of cutting, sealing, and marking options are available for different product packaging designs and requirements.
  6. Automation control: The machine adopts a full set of Siemens control systems, such as PLC program control, which can realize automated operation and precise packaging control.

Multi lane stick pack machine for sale

At Taizy Packaging Machinery, we have a wide range of multi lane stick pack filling machines for sale. Customers often buy 4 and 8-row machines. There are also a few customers who buy 12 column multi lane stick pack filling machines. If you have other column requirements, we can provide unique customization services. Please believe that we will do our best to fulfill your requirements.

Stock of stick pack filling machine
stock of stick pack filling machine

Reliable multi lane stick pack machine manufacturer in China

Taizy Packaging Machinery is a well-known packaging machinery manufacturer in China. Besides multi lane stick pack machine, we also have tea packaging machinery, paste packing machine, chin chin packaging machine, sugar sachet packing machine, vacuum packaging machine, and so on. You can choose the right machine according to your needs.

Our certifications
our certifications

So far, our machines have been exported to Canada, Germany, Senegal, New Zealand, Spain, Nigeria, Japan, Greece and many other countries. Therefore, you can fully trust the quality of our machines. Our rich export experience also allows us to deliver the machines to you as soon as possible. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us quickly!

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