Vegetable packing machine is designed for automatically packaging fruits and vegetables. It is a kind of flow wrap machine, also called a vegetable wrapping machine. Vegetable packaging machines can complete these tasks, bag forming, bag packing, sealing, and cutting process. It is a terribly super-efficient packaging tool for various fruits and vegetables for supermarkets. With an advanced control system and brand motor, the Taizy vegetable packing machine for sale has a quite high performance and good quality. Besides, adopting a full stainless steel structure is durable and reliable. Welcome to contact us for the best price.

Working video of the vegetable packing machine

Vegetable packaging effect display

This set vegetable packing machine is suitable for various fruits & vegetables, such as greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, cowpeas, etc. Moreover, it is also ideal for other food products like bread, biscuits, candy, chocolate, noodles, pasta, etc. This kind of machine only supports the back-sealing method.

Fruits and frozen food packaging
Fruits and frozen food packaging

Working process of the vegetable wrapping machine

1. The film platform takes charge of the food conveying.
2. The film is installed on the film roll device. It can wrap the products steadily when the products arrive.
3. The forming part controls the product packing. It concludes with the vertical cutter, horizontal cutter, and heating pipe. It is the most important part of the packing process.
5. Last, the finished product is output by the conveyor belt.

components of the horizontal packing machine
components of the horizontal packing machine

Technical parameters of Taizy vegetable packaging machine

Bag length100-600mm100-600mm100-600mm120-600mm
Bag width50-110mm50-160mm50-210mm50-280mm
Bag heightMax 40mmMax 100mmMax 100mmMax 100mm
Packaging speed5-200bag/min5-200bag/min5-200bag/min30-180bag/min
Power220V, 50/60Hz, 2.4KVA220V, 50/60Hz, 2.4KVA220V, 50/60Hz, 2.6KVA220V, 50/60Hz, 3.4KVA
Machine size(L)4020*(W)720*(H)1450mm(L)4020*(W)720*(H)1450mm(L)4020*(W)720*(H)1450mm(L)4380*(W)970*(H)1500mm

At Taizy Packaging Machinery, we have various models of vegetable packaging machines for sale. Each machine has different packing speeds and sizes etc. You can choose according to your needs.

Features and advantages of the fruits and vegetable packing machine

1. You can adjust the operation panel according to the different packaging materials.
2. The horizontal vegetable packing machine can be equipped with a single knife, double knife, and three knives for cutting.
3. It’s convenient to set parameters with an intelligent PLC control system.
4. High-sensitivity cursor tracking and digital input of the sealing and cutting position make the sealing and cutting position more accurate.
5. The transmission system is simple, the operation is more reliable, and the maintenance is more convenient.
6. The horizontal pillow packing machine has a fault self-diagnosis function, so the fault is displayed at a glance.
7. Double inverter control and the bag length is set and then cut immediately. No need to adjust the empty running and one step is in place. The whole packaging process saves time and film.
8. An independent PID controls the temperature, which is better suitable for various packaging materials.

bread packing machine
horizontal pillow packing machine

What are the common packaging materials for vegetables?

Plastic bags(polyethylene film) are the common packaging materials for fruits and vegetables. Not only the low cost of plastics but also the transparent features, and easy inspection of the contents. It is more attractive for customers. Besides, automatic bagging machines can further reduce costs. And equipped with support machines like vegetable vacuum packing machines, and air charging systems, they can fit different specific packaging requirements. Studies have shown that such packaging significantly extends the shelf life of fresh produce. The explosion of pre-cut products is due in part to the availability of improved atmosphere packaging.

Why do you need an automatic vegetable packing machine?

  1. At first, the packaging of the product was only for portability and transportation.
  2. With the improvement of people’s living standards, beauty elements are continuously added to make the product look more lovely and more enjoyable.
  3. Market competition is becoming more and more fierce, and differentiation must be sought from all aspects to attract consumers’ attention. Packaging has become an important means of differentiation.
  4. Packaging adds brand elements and becomes an important carrier for displaying a brand image.
  5. The emergence of the Internet has made purchases more convenient, and it has also made it easier for consumers to switch. The communication function of product packaging is becoming more and more prominent.

Why choose us?

With rich experience in design, research, production, and supply of quality vegetable packing machines, Taizy has helped many small businessmen start their projects. Our horizontal flow wrap machines have been successfully exported to over 30 countries and regions. Why Taizy packing machines are so popular? We believe not only due to the competitive price but also excellent quality and intimate service. All these things make Taizy a strong and reliable packing machine brand. If you want to start your vegetable packaging project, welcome to contact us for useful information.

vegetable packing machine factory
vegetable packing machine factory

Vegetable packaging machines sold to the US

Last October, a customer from the United States told us that he wanted to pack long beans. We recommended these vegetable packing machines to him. After receiving the goods, he was very satisfied with the packaging effect and packaging efficiency of the machine. He said that after using the packaging machine, his products sold better than before.

packinging machine shipment
packaging machine shipment
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