Sauce Paste Packing Machine

Paste packaging machine
The paste packaging machine is suitable for various pastes, sesame paste, ketchup, chili oil, shampoo, honey, etc. We can also customize the paste packaging machine for you.

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The Scope Application of Paste Packing Machine

Sauce packing machine is a fully automatic pouch paste packaging machine. So, it has functions such as automatic bag making, quantitative filling, photoelectric identification, heat sealing, and date printing. As we know, a pouch packing machine is suitable for liquid paste materials in food seasoning, beverage, medicine, daily chemical, sauces, foliar fertilizer, oil bags, honey, shampoo, cosmetics, and other materials packaging.

Performance Advantages of Pouch Paste Packaging Machine

Pouch paste packaging machine adopts electromechanical integration, a dual CPU microcomputer control system, and a large-screen LCD display. Also, the sauce paste packaging machine adopts a microcomputer-controlled photoelectric tracking correction system. It equipped with a high-precision stepping motor and precise the uniform position of each packaging bag pattern.

A control system completes the synchronization, fixed-length, positioning, speed of the whole machine. The most important is that it can automatically diagnose faults. You can choose to equip with a ribbon coding machine or stencil coding device. The ketchup sauce packing machine can automatically complete a series of actions such as bag making, filling, counting, sealing, and cutting.

There is no need to stop during the whole adjustment process, and no need to stop when you adjust the weight.

Paste pump
Paste pump

Packaging Method and Packaging Materials

Package Method

Back sealing, three-side sealing, four-side sealing.

Paste packaging machine sealing method
Paste packaging machine sealing method

Packaging Film Material

packaging film
packaging film
packaging film
packaging film

Packaging Effect Display of Ketchup Sauce Packing Machine

packaging display of paste packaging machine
packaging display of paste packaging machine

Customer Case

At the beginning of October, our Ecuadorian customer left a message on our website. He said that he wanted a paste packing machine to pack ketchup. He is in a private noodle shop business. So he wants to pack ketchup in small bags, which are easy to carry. According to his budget, we recommended him the smallest paste packing machine. As we know, ketchup is an acidic food, that is suitable for PET, AL, PET, PE four packaging films. In addition, the customer requires an easy-to-tear device. Also, he wanted to pack paste materials such as sauces, spicy sauce, and tahini. So we sent him two paste pumps. The packaging speed is controlled at 20 bags per minute.

Product Parameter

PackagingBack Sealing, 3 Side Sealing, 4 Side Sealing
Packing Speed24-60 bags/min
Bag Length30-150mm
Bag Width25-145mm
Weighing Range40ml or 20-100ml
Power2.2 KW
Air Pressure0.6-0.7 MP
Weight280 KG
Carton Size1100*750*1820mm


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