Bottle washing machine or bottle washer is designed for cleaning bottles before filling. It is widely used in water, beverage factories, wine factories, cosmetic plants, pharmaceutical factories, and other production lines. Besides, the bottle cleaning machine is suitable for various bottle types, such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, PET bottles, milk bottles, beer bottles, water bottles, wine bottles, soda bottles, etc. It can handle dozens of bottles one time, efficiently and reliably. And the production capacity can reach 3000 bottles in one hour. Bottle washers are essential equipment for many big manufacturing industries. It can greatly improve your efficiency and benefit your business.  

Performance features

  1. Adopt pneumatic system and stainless steel hot water pump, clean and hygienic, no pollution.
  2. Water tank can be steam heating or electric heating, automatic temperature control,PLC control system, ultrasonic cleaning time can be set freely.
  3. The flat plate cleaning method realizes the low damage rate of bottles.
  4. The bottle tray filled with ampoule can be directly put into the sterilization oven without turning over.
  5. Spray pipe can be adjusted up and down, suitable for cleaning glass bottles and plastic bottles of different heights, cleaning quality in line with GMP standard requirements.
  6. Both sides of guardrail guide rail can be left and right adjustment, suitable for cleaning different sizes of glass bottles and plastic bottles.
  7. With residual water removal device, can save water resources for factories.

Bottle washing machine working video

Type of bottle washing machine for sale

There are two types of bottle washing machine for sale in Taizy Machinery Co., Ltd, a small rotary washing bottle machine and 54 heads inline bottle washing machine. They have different performance features and advantages.

Type one: Small rotary bottle washing machine

This rotary bottle washing machine is a small type of bottle washer. It has the advantages of small size and favorable price. The production capacity can reach 2300 bottles per hour. It is suitable for small projects. A rotary bottle cleaning machine covers a small area of your plant. Besides, the small bottle cleaning machine price is affordable.

rotary bottle washing machine
rotary bottle washing machine

Type two: 54 heads inline bottle washing machine

This machine has a higher efficiency than the rotary bottle cleaning machine. It can wash 54 heads one time. The production capacity of it can reach 3000 bottles in one hour. It is suitable for large projects. The range of the bottle height is from 120mm to 300mm, and the bottle diameter is from 40mm to 90mm. Besides, we support a strong OEM service to accurately meet your needs.

bottle cleaning machine
bottle cleaning machine

Advantages of Taizy bottle cleaning machine

  1. Wide applications. This bottle washing machine is ideal for cleaning plastic bottles, glass bottles, etc.
  2. Durable material. The whole supporting structure of the machine are made of 304 stainless steel.
  3. Simple structure and reasonable design. It is easy to operate and maintain.
  4. The bottle washing machine is equipped with universal wheel to facilitate the workshop moving.
  5. Good performance. It has a much better performance than traditional bottle washers.
  6. This machine is used temperature control device, the equipment during the use of uniform temperature control, sterilization effect is good.
  7. The bottle washing machine adopts frequency converter device, equipment in the use of convenient speed, simple operation, effectively protect the motor, prolong the motor service life.
  8. OEM service. We design and manufacture bottle cleaning machine according to your specific requirements.

Working principle of bottle washing machine

The bottles are loaded onto the subsequent indexing section of the platform and cleaned through a series of operations. Specially designed bottle holders are provided for holding bottles with neck diameter. Bottles are placed upside down in these cup-shaped brackets. Spray to clean the outside of the bottle. Solenoid valves are provided to regulate cleaning time. Spray water when the bottle stops, ensure water conservation, and sequence of various cleaning media to meet specific requirements.

Taizy bottle washers factory
Taizy bottle washers factory

Start your business

These two semi automatic bottle washing machines have different characteristics and benefits. And they are suitable for different working environments and conditions. The bottle cleaning machine always works together with other equipment like bottle filling machine, bottle capping maching, bottle labeling machine. It is an important part of a complete liquid production line. If you are interested in these machines, contact us for a free price list.

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