Both water and oil are indispensable substances in our lives. There are various types of water packaging on the market, including packaging, filling bottles, filling pots, and filling barrels. For example, 300 ml bottled water, 500 ml bottled water, 1 liter bottled water, 5 liters bottled water, 10 liters bottled water, and so on. The oils on the market, such as peanut oil, olive oil, salad oil, sesame oil, rapeseed oil, etc., are filled in pots of different sizes. So what machine can fill both water and oil? Today I would like to recommend a bottle filling machine for everyone. This machine can fill both water and oil. That is a water/oil filling machine with six filling heads.


More information about the XH-6 Bottle filling machine

It is a water/oil filling machine, but the machine can also fill juice, beverages, mineral water, purified water, etc. As long as it is a non-gas liquid, it can be filled, so it has a wide range of applications. It not only suitable for various liquids, but also for thick and viscous liquids.

Six filling heads work at the same time, and the number of filling heads can be increased according to the production demand. This machine is suitable for filling different specifications and different liquids. The filling volume is adjusted once, and each volume cylinder can be adjusted separately, so the filling accuracy is high and the consistency is good. The materials of the parts in contact with liquid are stainless steel and silicon rubber, which conform to GMP specifications.

Xh-6 Tube Filling-Machine

Machine Parameters about XH-6 Filling Machine

Model XH-6-5000
Fillable capacity 500-5000ml
Optimal filling capacity 1000-5000ml
Filling heads 6
Filling speed 6-30b/min
Power 1KW
Power supply 3P 380V
Compressed air 3-5Kg/cm2
Size: L×W×H 2000×800×2000mm

How does the water filling machine work

Working video of machine filling water

Working video of machine filling oil

How Do You Choose A Suitable Liquid Filling Machine?

First of all, the filling range of the liquid filling machine should be wide, and it can not only fill water but also various edible oils. The filling range is easy to control.

Second, look at the quality of the machine, because water and edible oil are directly edible, so we need to see whether the machine material is passed.

Finally, the bottle factor needs to be considered. XH-6 filling machine is suitable for bottles of most materials, but the most important thing is filling polyester bottles, of course, glass bottles can also be filled. Therefore, if your filling bottle material is a polyester bottle, then your first choice filling machine is a machine like our XH-6 filling machine.

If you have other requirements, you can also tell us, we will recommend the most suitable one from Taizy company.

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