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automatic liquid filling machine
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Brief introduction about the automatic liquid filling machine

The fully automatic liquid filling machine is a direct current filling machine. It can realize fully automated filling production and has very good scientific and technological content. The machine has stable performance and reliable work. Liquid filling machines have two types: automatic liquid filling machines and semi-automatic liquid filling machines. The automatic liquid filling machine can use multiple filling heads. Among them, the speed of the 12-head liquid filling machine can reach 3000 bottles/h. You can choose the right filling machine according to the production scale of your own factory.

Application range of automatic liquid filling machine

The automatic liquid filling machine is suitable for filling liquid with good fluidity. It can fill water, olive oil, beverages, juice, sparkling water, and other liquids. If the liquid is too viscous, such as honey, you need to use a paste filling machine to fill it. Moreover, the filling machine has wide application in many areas. For example, peanut oil, shampoo, shower gel which is common in daily life. Even some special industries, such as medicine, pesticides, sulfuric acid, and other products can use filling machines. The packaging is mainly bottled.


Machine structure

structure of liquid filling machine
structure of liquid filling machine

Workflow of automatic bottle filling machine

In order to achieve the linkage effect, the automatic liquid filling machine needs to be driven by a transmission mechanism. This allows various parts to work in coordination with each other.

First, put the processed bottles on the conveyor belt. When the bottle enters the conveyor belt, it can sense an infrared sensor and finish filling. The bottles filled with the material are transported on a conveyor belt. The automatic filling machine stops filling when it reaches the specified weight, which has a high degree of automation.

Automatic bottle filling machine details

1. Conveyor belt: the feeding and conveying bandwidth is 101MM. And it can be customized to 154MM for the wide bottles.

2. Barometer: connect to an air compressor to detect air pressure in real-time.

3. Touch screen: It is very convenient to adjust machine parameters.

4. Photoelectric sensing equipment: It can sense the number and position of bottles to complete the precise filling of liquids.

machine details
machine details

Classification and functions of filling heads


There are two types of filling heads for fully automatic liquid filling machines: ordinary filling heads and long filling heads.

Ordinary filling heads can fill most liquid materials. The long canned head is suitable for liquids that tend to foam. The filling head can be directly inserted into the bottle to prevent foam from bulging to the bottle mouth and affecting the sealing.

2.Filling pump model:







  • The minimum number of filling heads is a two-head liquid filling machine. The number of filling heads can be customized.
  • The filling head automatically moves following the filling volume of the material. With anti-drip device, can effectively prevent the waste of materials.

Machine parameters

Packing typebottle
Filling volume100-1000ml ( be customizable )
Filling accuracy0.1%
Material typeliquid, paste, colloid, viscous material
Production capacity1200-2000 bottles/hour

Working principle of automatic liquid filling machine

1. The direct-flow liquid filling adopts the filling method of constant current timing. Under the condition of certain liquid level pressure, the filling volume can be controlled by adjusting the filling time.

2. When the bottle enters the transmission belt, it will pass the infrared sensor. During this period, the unscrambler will continue to organize work. After the bottles sensing the infrared sensor and finish filled, the bottles that are stuck outside the infrared sensor are gradually released to the conveyor belt. This machine can achieve no bottle any work and avoid waste of resources.

3. When the filling reaches the specified weight, it will stop filling. And some filling will be equipped with a suction system. The liquid filling machine is highly automatic.

4 Each head of the liquid filling machine can be individually controlled and controlled when only individual canning heads are required to work in special circumstances.

conveyor of automatic liquid filling machine
conveyor of automatic liquid filling machine

Advantages of automatic liquid packaging machine

1. It adopts direct-flow filling. It is suitable for various liquids with good flow properties and high precision;

2. The structure of the pump adopts a quick-connect disassembly mechanism. It is convenient for cleaning and disinfection.

3. We can also install an automatic feeding system on the equipment according to customer requirements. which can completely stop feeding when there is no material, automatic feeding with adequate material. It has functions of filling with bottles, no filling without bottles, automatic counting function,

4. It adopts a PLC control system and touch color screen operation, which is convenient, fast, and accurate. The numerical control adjustment is very convenient, and work operation is fully automatic;

5. It is suitable for bottles with different specifications. The adjustment process is simple and can be completed in a short time;

6. The surface of the equipment and the contact surface of the material are all made of 304 stainless steel. It conforms to the national GMP standard.

Precautions for using the automatic liquid filling machine

1. The cylinder of the DC liquid filling machine has been lubricated before leaving the factory. Please do not open the cylinder or add any lubricating oil.

2. The seal ring on the discharge piston of the liquid filling machine and the lower end of the discharge cylinder should be replaced in time after wear.

3. You should clean the filter and water storage cup of the steam-water separator of the automatic liquid filling machine regularly. The filter element must be cleaned in mineral oil and then blown with compressed air.

4. You should not mix foreign matters into the filling. Otherwise, it may cause inaccurate discharge or damage to the machine parts.

5. keep the stainless steel of the machine body smooth and clean. Do not scrape the surface with sharp or hard tools. If it is polluted, please wipe it with alcohol.

Additional devices for the automatic oil bottle filling machine

There is strong continuity between modern packaging equipment. In Taizy Company, the automatic bottle filling machine can not only be operated alone. It can also be flexibly matched with labeling machines, capping machines, coding machines, and other equipment to form a packaging production line.

optional devices
optional devices
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