In terms of packaging of liquid products, there are all kinds of liquid filling equipment on the market, you will also get the archive and different manufacturers of the packaging machine. Therefore, you must collect your actual requirement for production units, then you need to check whether the specifications of the machines meet your basic needs. Some basic factors of this kind of machine will not change. So, first of all, before buying any filling machine for your production department, you need to know all of these factors, such as automatic process, filling time, filling speed, and the execution of the intermediate process (both automatic and manual) and other factors. Let me explain all these functions in detail, in order so you can more easily choose the best liquid filling machine for your factory. Below is a discussion of these 5 basic factors that everyone should know before purchasing liquid filling machinery for your business.  

1. Liquid types will be filled

Firstly, we need to consider the type of liquid they fill in their production line. Is it viscous or non-viscous? There are also can handle foam product liquid filling machines. Many machinery manufacturers are committed to filling equipment accuracy is high, but making sure the liquid type will be filled is easy for your company to find the right one.

2. Automation level

It’s the most important feature of gathering the actual requirements before actually packaging any product, there are a number of intermediate processes like cleaning the containers that we’re going to package the product sealing and sealing those containers, and labeling those containers with specific brands. Therefore, in automatic filling machines, these processes can be performed automatically without anyone labor operation, whereas in semi-automation, we have to manually monitor and perform certain processes. Therefore, depending on your requirements for the manufacturing and supply markets, you can choose an automatic or semi-automatic liquid filling machine.  

3. Working environment

The second question that needs to answer before choosing a filling machine for your bottling warehouse is the working environment. Depending on the product of your warehouse bottles, there are different grades of sanitation floor managers need to consider the health specifications for food and drug bottling equipment, although strict, may be lower than the requirements in dangerous or corrosive situations.

4. Flexibility in setting the volume of the liquid

Introduced a different number of products of the company, so can according to quantity to provide customers with a flexible price range. Therefore, the filling machinery you buy must have the function of the different liquid volumes. If you want to launch a different number of products, then you must put the volume match with any of the specifications of the liquid filling machine, and check whether it meets your requirements.

5. The size of the container

Before choosing a liquid filling machine, determining the size of the container is also very important. If your filling requirements are pouches or bottles, then the liquid filling machine you need will be totally different.

Always consult two or more suppliers, in order to understand the various products and technologies Many of the latest technology products into the market from time to time Make sure that you have all the latest and traditional product listing, for quick decision wisely liquid filling machine is semi-automatic and fully automatic models Usually most machines used for filling food, cosmetics and medicine Have all the information in hand, the selection process easier and the opportunity to get the right products also increased.


There are various types of liquid filling machines available on the market. You should take a complete overview of your actual requirements before buying a liquid filling machine. If you still have trouble choosing reliable liquid filling equipment, Taizy professional team is willing to help your project.

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