Single chamber vacuum packing machine refers to vacuum sealers with one chamber. Vacuum packaging machines are widely used in the food industry, such as meat, vegetables, fruit, corn, rice, sausage, etc. It can automatically extract the air from the bag and complete the sealing process. It can also be filled with nitrogen or other gas mixtures to complete the sealing process. After vacuum packaging, the food can be anti-oxidation, so as to achieve the purpose of long-term preservation. A single chamber vacuum packaging machine is a small and portable vacuum sealer. It is both suitable for home and industrial applications.

How does the single-room vacuum packing machine work?

What can single chamber vacuum packing machine pack?

A single chamber vacuum packing machine is suitable for packing various foods by using various plastic or aluminum foil composite membranes. It can pack liquid, semi-fluid, solid granular, powdered, paste-like food, fresh fruits, vegetables, rice, flowers, chemicals, valuable medicinal materials, valuable calligraphy and painting, electronic components, various anti-moth, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-mildew, and anti-oxidant products.

Single chamber vacuum sealer applications
Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer Applications

Technical parameters of single chamber vacuum sealer

Vacuum pump power900W900W1800W
Sealing power600W750W1200W
Lowest absolute pressure1Kpa1Kpa1Kpa
Sealing strip222
Vacuum chamber size430*420*75mm530*520*75mm650*620*100mm
Sealing size400*10mm500*10mm600*10mm
Machine size540*500*950mm580*630*1000mm750*710*1000mm

Single chamber VS double chamber vacuum packing machine


Single chamber vacuum packing machines and double chamber vacuum packing machines are the two main commonly used vacuum sealers. As the name suggests, the single chamber vacuum packaging machine only has one room, and the double chamber machine has two rooms. They have the same working principle and purpose. The whole product is put into the machine inside the plastic bag, sealed, and the lid with a powerful vacuum pump to remove air, once all air is removed. Then open the lid and remove the finished product.


The difference between the two vacuum sealers is not in the way of sealing but in the sealing capacity. Single chamber vacuum machines are more suitable for medium and low volume packaging demand because more than a certain size of packaging will not be able to fit properly into the only chamber machine. Meanwhile, as the name suggests, two-chamber vacuum sealers have a larger capacity and a larger size to seal items, and they are used for medium-capacity packages. It is commonly used for packing dairy products, meat, cans, and confectionery items.

In terms of performance, they are both doing well. Which one is ideal for your project just depends on what size of items you need to seal. If you are not sure about your requirements, ask our skilled staff for helpful advice.

Single chamber vacuum packaging machine
Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

Advantages of the single chamber vacuum packaging machine

  • The microcomputer control system is adopted to make the packaging parameter setting more accurate and the operation is convenient
  • Meat food vacuum packaging machines can set the vacuuming time and packaging sealing time to adapt to packaging of different specifications and materials.
  • Our machine is equipped with a high-power vacuum pump, so the packaging bag can obtain a large vacuum in a short period of time, which improves the working efficiency of the equipment.
  • The whole material of the vacuum packaging machine is 304 stainless steel, which has an anti-corrosion effect when used in severely corrosive environments.
  • The vacuum chamber adopts the V-shaped sealing strip that is made of high-density materials to ensure the airtightness of the equipment in daily work, the pressure resistance and wear resistance of the material, and extend the service life of the sealing strip.

In addition to the single chamber vacuum packing machine, there are desktop vacuum packing machines and double chamber vacuum packing machines available from the Taizy factory. Desktop vacuum packing machine is a kind of small vacuum sealer, it is ideal for home use with a small size and low cost. And double chamber vacuum packing machine is suitable for commercial application. Because it has high efficiency and good performance. These three types of vacuum packing machines for sale from us have different features and prices. Are you interested in them? Get in touch with us for more useful information.

Desktop vacuum sealer and double chamber vacuum sealer
Desktop Vacuum Sealer And Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Why choose us as your top vacuum packing machine manufacturer?

Taizy company has been focusing on the packaging machine industry for more than 10 years. We have attracted customers from all over the world with our good reputation, high-quality products, and affordable prices. The factory has gathered senior engineers and first-class technicians to strictly control the quality of products. Besides, our sales manager will introduce you to the machine in all aspects through various ways, such as video photos, and recommend the most suitable machine according to your needs.

If you need to, you can inform the manager in advance, and our technical staff will customize the machine for your project. And our company maintains long-term cooperation with large domestic transportation companies to ensure that your goods are shipped with the least amount of unnecessary loss. At the same time, after receiving the goods, our after-sale staff are always ready to answer your confusion and provide advice on the maintenance and care of the machine.

Single chamber vacuum packing machine in stock
Single Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine In Stock
Single chamber vacuum sealer factory
Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer Factory
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