PET Bottle Blowing Machine

PET bottle blowing machine is ideal to manufacture different shapes and sizes of PET/PE/PC bottles. It is the most high-cost performance solution for large production requirements of plastic bottles. And this pet bottle molding machine is quite suitable for small and medium-scale projects. It is widely used in lots of industries, such as mineral water, pure water industry, beverage industry, cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical industry, cooking oil industry, liquid detergent industry, etc. A bottle blow machine is essential equipment for a complete manufacturing line in many industries.

What is PET bottle blowing?

Generally, there is a PET bottle blowing process when manufacturing a plastic bottle. And this process is usually finished by a bottle blowing machine. And there is a semi-automatic PET bottle blowing machine and a fully automatic PET bottle blowing machine. These machines can both complete the process of stretching and blowing. They have different features and advantages. If you are looking for a reliable bottle molding machine, it is necessary for you to clear your requirements.

Two stage bottle moulding machine
Two Stage Bottle Moulding Machine

Performance features of Taizy PET bottle blow machine

  • Infrared light is mixed into the preheater to ensure that the PET bottle preform is heated evenly.
  • Mechanical arms are sedated to ensure that the mold is tightly closed under high temperature.
  • Pneumatic system consists of two parts: pneumatic acting part and blowing bottle part, in order to meet the different requirements of acting and blowing, it provides enough stable high pressure for blowing. It provides stable high pressure to blow large bottles with irregular shapes.
  • It is equipped with a silencer and oiling system for lubricating the mechanical parts of the machine.
  • Reasonable design and structure. The plastic bottle blowing machine is easy to operate and maintain.
  • Wide applications. It can make various PET bottles through replace different molds.  

PET bottle blowing machine parameters

TYPEITEMMEASUREMENTHZ-880 Combined typeHZ-880 Standard type
 VolumeL0.05-2.5(2-cavity)3-6(1-cavity)0.05-2.5 (2-cavity) 3-6 (1-cavity)
 Theoretical outputPcs/h0.05-2.5L/17003-6L/8000.05-2.5L/8503-6L/400
MOULD PLATEMax.mould plate
 Max.mould thicknessmm160-240160-240
 Clamping forceKN9090
 Mould opening stroke (adjustable)mm200200
AUXILARYHigh pressure Compressor  M3/MpaKW>=0.70/3.0×1set 22>=0.7/3.0×2sets 22
 Precision air filtersM3/Mpa>=1.0/3.0×2pcs>=1.0/3.0×2pcs
Main body dimension(L×W×H)M1.45×0.6×1.751.45×0.6×1.75
 Main body weightT0.60.6
 Conveyor dimension(L*W*H)M1.40×0.62×1.251.40×0.62×1.25
 Conveyor weightT0.220.22

Semi automatic PET bottle moulding machine working video

A brief introduction to plastic bottles

Today, more than 80% of bottles produced are for the beverage industry, the vast majority of which are made using two-stage technology. And the remaining 15% to 20% can choose either process and many of the decisions are actually driven by tool prices of less than 200 (m/year production is so many custom applications), and even buying four cavity single-stage tools to buy bottle perform is also difficult to prove its rationality and run on the double cavity and engine needs less capital spending In the past 10 years, the number of available bottles billet has increased dramatically all over the world. Because the performance is different from bottles, its transportation cost of it is cost-effective.

Plastic bottles
Plastic Bottles

How do PET blowing machines work?

In short, automatic PET bottle blowing machine is intelligent. Currently, linear two-step blow molding machine mainly the whole blow molding process is divided into preheating and blow molding. The specific working principle is as follows.

  1. The whole bottle blank transfer automatic feeder loads the bottle blank into the clamping position, and the clamping fixture takes the bottle blank out and enters the heating furnace.  
  2. Through the conveyor chain. The infrared oven has two rows of horizontal red line lamps. The temperature of each tube can be adjusted by micro controller PLC. The upper and lower red line lamps are stable under constant temperature, but the height is different. At the same time, due to the high temperature environment, the temperature from the middle of the bottle blank to the bottom of the bottle is controlled by constant temperature through the dispersion tube in the chiller. As the hot air evaporates upward, the bottom temperature of the bottle is relatively low.
  3. Blowing into the bottle. Heated preform into the clamping device for blowing hot bottle preform into the clamping device glass ware billet. With blowing, bottle preform stretching up stretch at the bottom of the stem, blow to a certain degree, low pressure blowing, blowing into high pressure at the same time. In a very short period of time, instant molding the bottle, and bottle blowing. Before gas blowing beforehand, usually installed a person. The gas passes through the filter to filter the water in the air and the oil in the lubrication of the equipment. The gas is clean and the formed bottle has no oil smell. In addition, the hot bottle blank in the mold closing device will increase the temperature in the mold, thus affecting the bottle and the equipment.
  4. Recycle the high pressure and low-pressure gas in the excess gas bottle after blowing once, the exhaust of the gas will cause energy waste, and increase energy consumption by installing the gas recovery device, pre blowing and blowing through the one-way valve into the gas storage tank, can save 25% of the energy consumption.    
Plastic bottle blow machine working process
Plastic Bottle Blow Machine Working Process

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There are fully and semi automatic plastic bottle blowing machine available from Taizy machinery. They are suitable for different working requirements and working conditions. Usually, a bottle blowing machine is an important part of a complete beverage production line. It can greatly reduce your cost and improve your productivity. As a leading packaging solution provider, we provide much other equipment to meet your demand, such as scrambler machine, liquid bottle filling machine, bottle labeling machine, and capping machine. If interested, contact us for a free price list.

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