Powder packaging machine is designed and manufactured to handle various dry powder packaging, such as flour, coffee powder, detergent powder, chili powder, masala, curry powder, milk powder, etc. According to the packaging weight of items, there is a small vertical powder packing machine and a large powder packing machine. The former is suitable for packing items from 1 gram to 1kg. And the large auger powder packing machine can package items from 1kg to 3kg. Different types of powder filling and sealing machines have different features and prices, and one to choose should be completely in accordance with the actual situation of your project. Besides, various low-cost manual powder filling machines are available from Taizy Packaging Machinery LTD. Any interest? Leave your detailed requirements for excellent dry powder pouch packaging solutions.

Small Powder Sachet Packaging Machine for Sale

The small powder packing machine can be divided into three types, direct push screw type, oblique push screw type, and flat push screw type. The feeding system is totally different from that of the granule packaging machine. It is suitable for packaging milk powder, flour, seasoning powder, veterinary medicine, additives, and many other food powder items. With a small size and affordable price, this small vertical form powder filling sealing machine is ideal for your small business. Small investment and large return.

Powder pouch packing machine
Powder Pouch Packing Machine

Technical Parameters of Small VFFS Powder Machine

PackageBack Sealing, 3 Side Sealing, 4 Side Sealing
Packing Speed24-60 bags/min
Bag Length30-180mm
Bag Width25-145mm
Weighing Range0.5-3ml, 3-10ml, 10-60ml, 40-220ml
Carton Size1100*750*1820mm

Automatic Powder Packing Machine 1kg to 3kg for Sale

1kg to 3kg automatic powder packing machine is extremely suitable for projects that have high production demand. It can automatically complete the process of feeding, weighing, filling, sealing, cutting, and coding. To be honest, this 1kg -3kg automatic powder packing machine is very efficient and cost-saving. If your factory or project has a high demand for production, this powder packing equipment is ideal for you. Welcome to contact us for the best price list.

Automatic large powder packing machine
Automatic Large Powder Packing Machine

What is a Powder Packing Machine?

Powder packing machine is designed to package dry powder products that are hard to transport manually. An automatic powder packing machine consists of a filling system and sealing system. And a semi-auto powder filling machine is mainly made up of a conveyor system, elevators, etc. It has a simple structure compared with an automatic packing machine. Its biggest advantage is that the powder packing machine can make a profit for you quickly.

Applications of Automatic Powder Filling Sealing Machine

Automatic powder packaging machine is widely used in the food and chemical industry. It can package all kinds of dry powder materials, such as detergent powder, chili powder, coffee powder, tea powder, milk powder, flour, masala, washing powder, spice powder, ginger powder, turmeric powder, curry powder, cocoa powder, nutrition powder, herb powder, etc. As a leading powder packing equipment manufacturer and supplier, we provide strong custom service to fit your specific needs. Welcome to get in touch with us for the best powder packaging solution.

Dry powder items
Dry Powder Items

How to Choose a Suitable Powder Packaging Machine?

The weight of a single bag of the oblique powder packing machine can be packed up to 80 grams, which is suitable for powder without flying dust. The direct push powder packing machine and the flat push powder packing machine can pack any powder, but the weight of a single bag of direct push can be reported to 1kg, and the weight of a single bag of flat push can be up to 200 grams. The packaging can be a back seal, three-side seal, and four-side seal. Different production demands and budgets require different powder filling sealing machines. If you still have doubts about which machine to buy, email us or just give us a call for the professional help from our experts.

Powder packing machine structure
Powder Packing Machine Structure

Weighing Methods and Sealing Methods

Weighing methods: The powder pouch packing machine can be weighed according to the screw speed. The screw can rotate at 180 degrees, 270 degrees, and 360 degrees.

Sealing methods: The powder packing machine can be back sealing, three-side sealing, and four-side sealing.

Powder Packaging Machine 8
Powder packing
Powder Packing
Packaging style back-sealing, three side-sealing, four side-sealing

Optional Devices: continuous packaging device, inflation device, coding device.

Features of Dry Powder Packing Machine

The screw is made of stainless steel, which is specially manufactured and welded manually. It has a simple structure and reasonable design, so it is very easy to operate, install and maintain. Besides, we adopt intelligent computer PLC control systems, and various languages available. And our powder packing equipment has the features of high quality, fast speed, high efficiency, and accuracy.

Auger screw
Auger Screw


1. What materials are used in the powder packaging machine?

The machine is all made of stainless steel, and the part in contact with the material is made of 304 stainless steel.

2. Is this machine equipped with a cursor?

Yes, it is. It has been installed at the factory.

3. Is the packaging weight adjustable?

Yes, it can. If you want to adjust the range is 1-10 grams, then you can adjust the screw speed to complete the weight adjustment.

4. Can you provide a packaging film?

Yes, we can. But you need to tell us your packaging requirements.

Customer Case

At present, we have sold small spice packing machine, detergent powder packaging machine, chili powder packaging machine, washing powder packaging machine, milk powder packaging machine,  spice pouch packaging machine, spice powder packaging machine to Nepal, Mexico, Libya, Congo, Botswana, the United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Nigeria, and many other countries.

If you want to know the powder packing machine price, please contact us, and we will provide you with packaging solutions immediately.

Powder packaging machine factory
Powder Packaging Machine Factory

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Powder packaging machine is highly important for the food and chemical industry. It can greatly improve your productivity and save your labor cost. High efficiency, automatical operation, and high return are their main advantages. Taizy Packaging Machinery LTD has a quite strong capacity to provide standard and custom powder packaging solutions. Besides, we have skilled staff to make sure the fast delivery and high quality of our machines. Leave your requirements, we will send you details or free quotes as soon as possible.


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