With the improvement of living standards and the acceleration of the pace of life, more and more products are packed into people’s lives through automatic packaging machines. Bottled water on the train, instant noodles, instant coffee in the waiting office, disposable tableware, sweets, etc. Even if you feel hungry during the trip, you can also take out vacuum-packaged food. Everything is so convenient, clean, and healthy. Food packing automation makes people’s lives more convenient and fast.

Classification of Automatic Packaging Machines

At present, the classification of automatic packing machines on the market includes powder automatic packaging machine, paste automatic filling machine, granule automatic packaging machine, ultra-fine powder packaging machine, automatic combination weighing packaging machine, bag-making automatic packaging Machine, bag-feeding automatic packaging machine, can-feeding automatic packaging machine, air-flow filling machine, small-dose packaging machine, liquid packaging machine, granule packaging machine, etc. Depending on the packaging industry, the degree of automation is different, and the installation size is different.

According to the packing industry, automatic packaging machines can be divided into food automatic packaging machines, pharmaceutical automatic packaging machines, hardware automatic accessories packaging machines, agricultural products automatic packaging machines, chemical products automatic packaging machines, etc.

According to the degree of automation, it is divided into two categories, one is fully automatic and the other is semi-automatic. The fully automatic packing machine price is higher, and no need for any artificial. Semi-automatic packaging machine has simple maintenance, low cost and it is easy to use.

According to different installation sizes, it can be divided into small automatic packaging machines, medium automatic packaging machines, and large automatic packaging machines.

packaging machines are still very extensive, such as automatic milk powder filling production lines. With the continuous development of the milk powder industry, the packaging machinery and equipment related to it have been further improved. Therefore, the automatic milk powder filling machine has a good and reliable design in the key steps of filling and sealing the milk powder, ensuring that the milk powder is clean and hygienic. While increasing the output of milk powder filling.

How to Choose a Fully Automatic Packaging Machine

Pay attention to cost performance

Different types of automatic packaging machines have different functions, and the corresponding food packaging machine types should be selected according to the actual needs of their own processing. At the same time, you should compare multiple automatic packaging machines and try to choose machines with good quality, complete functions, and affordable prices.

Pay attention to after-sales service

As long as it is mechanical equipment, damage and failure will inevitably occur, or the wearing parts break quickly. We fully automatic packaging machine manufacturers with good after-sales service will repeatedly test the packaging machine when it leaves the factory, thereby greatly reducing machine failures. At the same time, once a problem occurs, food packaging machine manufacturers with good after-sales service can rush to the scene faster, or give instructions faster, and get good maintenance to avoid losses caused by machine shutdown.

Pay attention to the quality of the machine

Whether this machine is of good quality, whether it is durable, and whether it has full functions is a prerequisite for selecting equipment. At the same time, extending the service life can provide enterprises with more use value, reduce the cost of replacing equipment, and increase the profit margin of enterprises. Good machine quality will also reduce the scrap rate, reduce the loss of raw materials, reduce packaging deviation, and save costs for the company in many aspects.


Automatic packaging machine instead of manual packaging

The automatic packing machine replaces the manual packaging and realizes packaging automation for large and medium-sized enterprises. Automatic bag making, automatic feeding, automatic sealing, date printing, etc. The entire packaging process does not require manual operation, which effectively improves the production efficiency of the production enterprise, saves labor costs and management costs, and greatly reduces costs. Welcome to our Taizy Company for purchasing!

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