The stick packaging machine is a new type of packaging machine under the small vertical packaging machine. It is used for quantitative packaging of products such as coffee, milk powder, chocolate powder, flavoring powder, medicine, sugar, desiccant, ketchup, tahini, honey, etc. . The stick packaging machine is becoming more and more popular in the pharmaceutical and nutrition and healthcare industries. It is a new machine for packaging and sealing.

What are the Functions of the Stick Packing Machine

The Function of Linking Bag Packing

This machine can realize the function of linking packing, every 2 bags cut, every 3 bags cut, every 5 bags cut, every 10 bags cut, and so on.

Link bag packing
Link Bag Packing

The Function of Date Printing

The machine will be equipped with a coding machine/date printing machine according to customer needs. Multiple lines of numbers can be coded at once.

Package Style

The machine has two packaging types. One is in the form of side sealing packaging: including three-side sealing and four-side sealing; the other is back-sealing packaging type, which meets the requirements of the bagging form in the market.

Back-sealing and three side sealing
Back-Sealing And Three Side Sealing

In the past time, honey and syrup were packaged and stored in bottles. If you want to eat them, you have to use a spoon to get it out bit by bit, which is very inconvenient and the items are easily contaminated. However, the current stick packaging machine is more advantageous because its packaging bag is small and easy to carry. A package of dosage is just enough to soak a cup of honey water, and the quantity is enough for one time.

The Advantages of Stick Packing Machine

A. The long stick packaging is simple and beautiful, which is favored by consumers;

B. It saves more space than ordinary packaging;

C. Take a fixed amount, and suitable for medicine and food industry.

FAQ about Stick Packing Machine

Whether the stick packaging can be filled with nitrogen to keep fresh?

Yes, of course. We can equip inflatable devices according to your packaging needs

Will the fast dissolution of powder and the fluidity of paste or liquid be destroyed by the equipment?

No, it won’t. Our machine body is made of 304 stainless steel, so it will not destroy the properties of the material.

Whether there is a hidden danger of air leakage in the packaging of powder and paste?

It won’t, because. The material used in our heat sealing device is copper, and the heating temperature can be adjusted according to the packaging film. So there will be no air leakage problem.

Whether the powder stick packaging machine meets export standards?

Powder packaging equipment meets national GMP standards; packaging equipment exported to the United States meets FDA standards.

Why Choose Us

We are a professional manufacturer of packaging machines. After decades of precipitation, our production technology is becoming more and more sophisticated, and product packaging errors are small. We are trusted by our old customers. At the same time, we constantly update the packaging machine products according to customer and market needs, such as stick packing machine, ice packing machine, candy packaging machine, sauce packaging machine, etc. Another biggest advantage is that we can customize the machine for you according to your packaging materials, and the delivery time is short.

Stick packing machine manufacturer
Stick Packing Machine Manufacturer
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