At present, the most widely used packaging machine in the market is the granule packaging machine, among which the granule packaging machine is packaging equipment specially developed for granular products. For example, pill packaging machines, spice packaging machines, coffee packaging machines, and other machines have the advantages of fast working efficiency and high precision, which can provide great help for the production of enterprises. So what are the standards for high-quality granule packaging machines?

The First Is Accuracy

Accuracy is the core of measuring a packaging machine. Large or small errors are unfair to manufacturers and customers. If the error is large, the packaging weight of each bag exceeds the set value, which is unfair to product packagers. If the weight of each bag does not reach the set value, then there is a suspicion of deceiving consumers. As product packagers, we must do our best to minimize errors.

The Second is Speed

The speed of the packaging machine is determined by the materials it packs. For example, if the object you want to pack is too large, you can only cut it with a single knife. In this case, the packaging speed will be slow. But if the items you want to pack are small items such as candies and twists, the packaging speed will be very fast, because it will adopt a three-knife cutting method. Watch the video to learn about packing speed.

The Third is Stability

Stability is also a priority for manufacturers. If the high frequency of failure of the purchased granule packaging machine, will affect the packaging efficiency and thus affect the profit.

Although a granule packaging machine with excellent speed, accuracy, stability, etc. is very good, it is not enough to judge whether it is high quality or not. These are not enough to become all the standards. We have to consider many aspects. For other factors, we must consider whether our products are corrosive and if so, we must choose a particle packaging machine that can resist corrosion. In Taizy Company, generally, the parts in contact with food are made of 304 stainless steel. Also, we should determine the service life of wearing parts and so on.

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