What Are the Different Types of Packing Machine?

According to the shape, it can be divided into a large vertical combined weigher packaging machine, small vertical packaging machine, pillow packaging machine.

According to the state of the packaged items, it can be divided into a granule packaging machine, powder packaging machine, paste packaging machine, liquid packaging machine, canning machine, vacuum packaging machine.

According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into an automatic packaging machine, semi-automatic packaging machine

According to the packaged objects, it can be divided into food packaging machine and non-food packaging machine

Food packaging machines can be divided into a biscuit packaging machine, coffee packaging machine, milk packaging machine, tea packing machine, chips packing machine, oil packing machine, tea bag packing machine, rice packing machine, salt packing machine, potato chips packing machine, candy wrapping machine, chocolate wrapping machine, paper packing machine, sugar packing machine, small spice packing machine, chili powder packing machine, masala powder packing machine, milk powder packing machine, spices packing machine, ginger garlic paste packing machine, tomato paste packaging machine, Tahini packing machine, etc.

Non-food packaging machines can be divided into shampoo packaging machines, washing powder packaging machines, cosmetic packaging machines, pharmaceutical packaging machines, detergent powder packing machines, etc.

How does a Packaging Machine Work?

large vertical combined weigher packaging machine: Firstly, pour the material into the vibrating feeder, and then lift it to the top of the computerized combination scale for feeding. Secondly, the computerized combination scale completes automatic weighing according to the set weight. Thirdly, the product of the set weight is transferred to the former, and the packaging membrane is formed and then sealed.

The vertical packaging machine is making bags while packing, that is, the packaging membrane is placed on the shaper of the packaging machine, and then the packaging membrane is made and shaped. After the material is weighed, it goes directly to the shaper for packaging and sealing. As shown in the figure below, the video shows the working principle of the bag making and packaging of the vertical packaging machine.

The pillow packaging machine is driven by a motor, and the packaging process is monitored by the photoelectric tracking color code. The conveyor belt automatically transports the packaged objects to the packaging position and then packs them in the paper membrane. Then it is heated and pressed into molding, and then sent to the horizontal sealing cutter for heat sealing and cutting. Then the finished product is output by the conveyor belt. Because the work process is simple, the speed of the pillow packaging machines is generally relatively fast, which can reach 120 bags/min. It is a common packaging method for many food companies.

What Is the Packaging Machine Price?

As mentioned above, the packaging machine has various forms and models and can pack many types of items. From this perspective, the price of the packaging machine is different. In addition, the packaging machine can also be customized according to the needs of customers, such as replacing the frequency conversion motor, configuring the inflator, the continuously packaging device, the coding device, etc., so according to the needs of each customer, the price is also different. The price of a packaging machine is affected by many aspects, such as brand, category, specification, market, etc. Before choosing to buy, it is necessary to learn and compare in many aspects. You can contact our Taizy company staff for details.

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