Summary of Bread Packaging Machine

Bread is a kind of food that we often eat every day, and bread packaging machines are often used when packing bread. The automatic bread packing machine is an exclusive category of food packaging in the pillow-type packaging machine. This is a special packaging machine, and it can pack bread for one time according to the special characteristics of bread. The bread packaging machine is also suitable for packaging long loaves, small bread, sliced bread, other blocks, regular solids, or small trays fast.

The Working Video of Packaging Bread

The Function of Automatic Bread Packing Machine

The automatic bread packaging machine adopts a back-sealing method. This machine can automatically complete the continuous feeding of packaging film, forming bags, filling, sealing, cutting, and sending out finished products. This bread packing machine belongs to continuous packaging, and its work efficiency is relatively high.

Bread packing machine 2

The Advantages of Bread Packing Machine

  • The bread packing machine adopts single-servo or double-servo motor control. Compared with other products controlled by similar frequency conversion motors or inverters, the packaging accuracy is higher and the adjustable range is wider. It can pack both small bread and large bread because it can sense the length of bread automatically. The control is more precise, the cutting is error-free, lower rejection rate, and better stability.
  • This packing machine adopts the world’s leading fully open box structure, so the transmission structure is clear at a glance, and maintenance is more convenient.
  • This machine uses a 12mm thick steel plate and ensures the stability of the whole machine under high-speed operation.
  • Due to the special nature of the bread, the bread packaging machine can be equipped with alcohol spraying or nitrogen filling devices to strictly ensure the safe consumption of bread.

Bread Packaging Form

Bread packing style
bread packing style

How Much Is the Bread Packaging Machine?

The price of the bread packaging machine varies according to its configuration. There are thousands of dollars, tens of thousands of dollars, and hundreds of thousands of dollars. The higher the configuration, the higher the price. Each type of packing machine from Taizy company has a different configuration, and comparisons should be made from multiple aspects when buying. Of course, you can customize it according to your packing needs. We also have a bread slicer and packing machine. The working video is as follows

Working Video of Sliced Bread Packaging Machine

Customer Case

A customer in the Dominican Republic found us and said that he wanted a packaging machine for packing bread. He wanted to pack both large loaves of bread and small bread, so our sales manager recommended him a fully automatic bread packing machine. This machine can automatically sense the size of bread to complete packing and cutting. In addition, the customer added a nitrogen-filling device and a date print machine. After the customer received the bread packing machine and put it into use soon, the customer was very satisfied. He asked our manager about the granule packaging machine because he wanted to pack peanuts, pumpkin seeds, green beans, and other snacks for retail. He explained that his plan was to buy a snack packing machine next year from us.

Bread packing
Bread Packing
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