Semi-automatic paste filling machine

semi-automatic paste filling machine
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Introduction of semi-automatic paste filling machine

A semi-automatic paste filling machine is suitable for filling all kinds of pastes. It is a small filling machine. You can use a bottle or bag to hold the paste. The filling accuracy reaches ±1%. When filling, the filling head is extended into the bottle to prevent the liquid from splashing, and the filling nozzle gradually rises with the liquid level. Moreover, the filling head has a special locking device to prevent the filling nozzle from dripping after filling. This filling method is very suitable for the filling of paste by small and medium-sized enterprises. Whether for price or function, it is always the best choice.

Application field of semi-automatic paste packaging machine

A semi-automatic paste packaging machine is mainly suitable for filling and filling equipment in the food, daily chemical, medicine, and special industries. It can be used to pack honey, butter, chili sauce, peanut butter, garlic sauce, creams, detergents, and other pastes. Both the packaging volume and the packaging speed are adjustable. This machine is semi-automatic and needs to manually pick up the paste at the outlet with the packaging bag. The whole process is easy to operate, and the filling speed of the machine is also very fast.

filling machine application
filling machine application

Working process of semi-automatic paste filling machine

First, the material needs to be put into the hopper. Second, you need to adjust the cylinder to set the filling volume you need. Third, set the paste filling speed and start filling. When filling the paste, you can choose to complete the next filling by the manual button after filling a product. You can also set the filling speed and turn on the switch. And the machine will automatically complete the next filling.

Machine details display and introduction

  1. Stainless steel structure
    The semi-automatic liquid filling machine and the material contact part adopt a 304 stainless steel structure. This material complies with GMP standards.
  2. Large capacity hopper
    The hopper enables the filling machine to work continuously and efficiently. It is made of food-grade stainless steel. The hopper works well with the manual paste filling machine, different from full automatic paste filling machine.
  3. Anti-drip nozzle and rotary valve
    The outlet nozzle is drip-proof. This device is easy to disassemble and replace. The rotary valve controls the transfer process of the paste. It is not easy to be clogged and does not drip.
  4. Cylinder
    The cylinder has strong power and stable air pressure, which can well support the filling process. You can adjust the button to control the working speed and filling speed of the gas cylinder.
  5. Advanced air pressure gauge and a rotary handle
    An air pressure gauge is used to accurately monitor changes in air pressure. The filling volume can be adjusted by rotating the handle.
structure of the semi-automatic paste filling machine
structure of the semi-automatic paste filling machine

Working principle of semi-automatic paste filling machine

The semi-automatic paste filling machine is an automatic piston filling machine. It uses the three-way principle of a piston and a rotary valve driven by a cylinder to extract and eject high-concentration materials. The semi-automatic paste filling machine uses a magnetic reed switch to control the stroke of the cylinder to adjust the filling volume.
The filling speed of the paste filling machine can be realized by adjusting the throttle valve.

machine details
machine details

Advantages of semi-automatic paste filling machine

1. Due to pneumatic control and mechanical positioning, the filling accuracy is high. Filling accuracy can reach + -1%,
2. The operation is simple and easy to use; the failure rate is low.
3. With manual and semi-automatic operation.
4. Use pneumatic and high-quality components.
5. Easy to disassemble and install, easy to clean.

Factors affecting the work of semi-automatic paste filling machine

  1. The filling accuracy of the semi-automatic paste filling machine is affected by many factors. The influence of air pressure stability, material uniformity, filling speed, etc.
  2. The filling speed of the semi-automatic paste filling machine will be affected by the viscosity of the material, the stroke of the cylinder, the size of the filling nozzle, and the proficiency of the operator.
  3. This machine has two filling methods: pedal and automatic. The two filling methods can be switched at will.
  4. The rotary valve used in this machine is wear-resistant, acid-resistant and high-temperature resistant tetrafluoroethylene material.
  5. Do not knock or collide at will during cleaning. If the operation is improper, it will affect the service life of the machine.

Filling volume range and method of adjustment

There are 8 modes of paste filling machines in total in Taizy company. Their detailed technical parameters is in the last part of this passage. Their filling volume range is as follows.

Filling volume range

different models
different models

Technical parameters of the filling machine

(Take Mode 500 for example, and other parameters are the same)

model500 (8 models in total)
Filling materialPaste
Filling range50-500ML (8 ranges in total)
Equipped with air pressure0.4-0.6MPa
tolerance scope|0.50%
Filling headSingle

Method of adjustment

You need to set the paste volume according to the scale of the paste pump. You can use an electronic scale to verify that the weight you set is correct. Since the density of the paste is different, you need to adjust it according to the weight of the paste you want to pack. If the packaging uses volume counting, just adjust the scale of the paste pump directly.

Two types of hopper

Vertical hopper

The cone-shaped hopper is suitable for packaging all kinds of pastes. If you need to pack paste with granules, we will configure a mixer for the machine's hopper. This can make the paste filling more even.

cone hopper
cone hopper

U-shaped hopper

The U-shaped hopper is more suitable for packaging with granular paste. Due to the volume and shape of the U-shaped hopper, the paste with particles can be mixed more evenly. This kind of hopper can effectively avoid particle deposition and uneven filling of paste.

U-shaped hopper
U-shaped hopper


  1. How to adjust the packaging speed?
    You can adjust the button to control the working speed and filling speed of the gas cylinder.
  2. Can the paste with particles be packed?
    Yes. We will equip the machine with a stirrer. It can prevent material accumulation and precipitation.
  3. How to clean the paste filling machine?
    Clean the filling machine with clean water. There is no need to disassemble the device. If you encounter any problems during cleaning, you can contact our technicians at any time.
  4. Will the materials stored in the cylinder of the filling machine be damaged?
    No. The material enters the filling machine and is in a vacuum environment. It is not in contact with air, so it will not be broken.
  5. How to adjust the filling amount?
    The filling volume can be adjusted by rotating the handle.
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