Granule packing machine here refers to a vertical form filling sealing machine. It can automatically complete the process of weighing, filling, sealing, cutting, and counting. Besides, a coffee packing machine has a small size and attractive price, so it is absolutely suitable for your small coffee project. There are basically two types of coffee packaging machines, coffee bean packing machines and coffee powder packing machines. Which one to choose must be according to your actual situation. As a coffee packaging machine manufacturer with rich experience and strong capacity, we provide standard and custom coffee packaging solutions to meet your requirements. Welcome to contact us to get the best quote.

Granule pouch packing machine working video

Applications of granule packing machine

Granule coffee packaging machines can be divided into large packaging and small packaging. The packaging weight generally ranges from 20 grams to two kilograms. You can choose a combination weigher packing machine to pack granules with large grams.

The granule packaging machine is suitable for packaging oatmeal, desiccant, washing powder, peanuts, soybeans, millet, mung beans, seeds, Nigeria chinchin, pills, mothballs, fertilizer pellets, feed pellets, chemical pellets, and many other items with good fluidity.

Model: we have two models, and they are TH-320 and TH-450. Model TH-320 is suitable for packaging materials smaller than 200g, and model TH-450 is suitable for materials smaller than 600g.

Granule packaging machine technical parameters

 Sealing MethodBack Seal3 Side Seal4 Side Seal
Packing Speed32-72 bags/min
50-100 bags/min
20-80 bags/min24-60 bags/min
50-100 bags/min
Bag Length30-180mm30-150mm50-150mm
Bag Width25-145mm25-145mm25-145mm
Packing Range22-220ml2-20ml22-100ml
Power1.8 KW1.8 KW2.2 KW
Weight250 KG250KG280KG
Carton Size1100*750*1820mm1220*850*1820mm1100*750*1820mm

The structure and composition of the granule packing equipment

The granule packaging machine consists of two parts: the packaging system and the feeding system.

Feeding system

Including silo and turntable. The turntable can be divided into Z1, Z2, Z3, and Z4. The Z1 turntable is relatively shallow, and the Z2 has relatively more molds. The packaging weight can be adjusted by removing the mold. And there is a shutter at the bottom. When the material reaches the bag maker, this part can be opened for feeding and then closed. This design can prevent white sugar from being scattered.


There are 4 measuring cups in the turntable, and the measuring cups have 3 sizes. The grams of packaging are different according to the volume of the measuring cup. The small iron plate is to prevent the accumulation of materials.

Measuring cup
measuring cup

Packaging system

The packaging part includes a bag maker, vertical sealing device, horizontal sealing device, and cutting device.

The bag maker has been adjusted when the machine leaves the factory, and customers do not need to adjust it by themselves. Customers can mark the position of the bag maker with a marker to prevent subsequent needs. In addition, the bag maker uses tin soldering, which has a good welding process, no solder joints, a smooth surface, and is relatively precise, ensuring no deformation.

Packing part
bag maker
Bag former and heating device
bag former and heating device

The structure details

Structure of coffee packing machine
Structure of coffee packing machine

Sealing forms

It is mainly divided into back sealing, three-side sealing, and four-side sealing. There is only one sealing method for a machine.

Other optional devices

We can configure the different devices for a packaging machine. For example, coding devices, inflatable devices, and even package devices. A particle packaging machine typically uses a ribbon coder. The pictures below focus on the date printing device.

Toolbox details display of granule packaging machine

Every packaging machine we sell will give away a toolbox for free. The toolbox contains 8 wrenches, 8 Allen wrenches, 1 brush, 1 font box (default is a number, customer can customize letters), 4 heating wires, 3 springs, 1 manual, 1 cutter knife, and so on.

Toolbox of granule packing machine
Toolbox of granule packing machine

What is the granule packaging machine’s price?

Granule packaging machine price is closely related to lots of factors, such as machine types, machine material, machine parameters, shipping cost, and even international currency exchange rate. Every factor can greatly impact the cost of coffee-packing equipment. A granule packaging machine’s price is quite different from different packing machine manufacturers. Therefore, it is important to choose a reliable granule packing machine manufacturer. As one of the leading granule bagging machine suppliers in China, we have rich experience and advanced technology. Welcome to get in touch with us for the latest price.

Small coffee packaging equipment
Small Coffee Packaging Equipment

Customer case

In July this year, a British customer bought a granule packaging machine from us to pack oatmeal. After our business manager discussed the details with him, the customer trusted us and paid the full price for this machine. The following are his requirements for packaging.

The size of the film

width: 105mm +105mm

height: 150mm

weight: 50g

The voltage is 380v, 50Hz, 3 phase.

Conversation with our british customer
conversation with our British customer

Customer feedback

The two packaging machines were exported to Nigeria and Ghana respectively. They were put into use after the customers received the machines. And feedback to us that the quality of the machine is very good. The customer expressed his gratitude to us. The customer said that our packaging machine expanded his business scale and brought him a lot of economic benefits.

The feedback of taizy granule packing machine
the feedback of the Taizy granule packing machine

Why choose us as your top granule packaging machine manufacturer?

We are a professional packing machine manufacturer and exporter. At present, the packaging machines we sell include various types of granule packing machines, powder packing machines, liquid packing machines, paste packing machines, etc. All our machines are adopted international standards. Besides, we have a highly-skilled expert to ensure the high quality and fast delivery of our products. Now, our packing machines have been successfully exported to more than 80 countries and regions.


1. Can the bag maker on this packaging machine be replaced?

Yes, We can customize the bag maker according to your needs, but this is an additional charge.

2. Is the packaging weight of each bag adjustable?

Yes, the number of grams per bag can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the measuring cup. You can also turn the screw handle under the turntable to adjust the depth of the measuring cup to complete the adjustment.

3. What can be adjusted on the control panel (display screen)?

On the display, you can adjust the bag length, cursor position, number of bags, counting, and the weight of each bag.

4. What is the temperature of ribbon coding?

The temperature range is 140 degrees -200 degrees, and the temperature is determined according to the thickness of the packaging film.

5. What is the motor of the machine?

We can provide two kinds of motors, one is an ordinary motor and the other is a variable frequency motor. The frequency conversion motor has low noise and can adjust the speed of the machine.

6. Will the material overflow from the turntable?

No, the machines feed at a constant speed.


Granule packaging machine is a small vertical-type filling sealing machine. With a small size and favorable price, it must be the ideal packaging tool for your coffee project. Taizy Packaging company has very rich experience in the design, research, manufacturing, and marketing of excellent coffee packing machines. If you are interested in this machine, contact us today to start your business.

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