Multihead weigher packing machine is a super-efficient packaging solution. It can be applied to both food and non-food materials like chips, popcorn, nuts, grains, sugar, coffee, salt, chocolate, hardware, plastic, etc. With a high degree of automation level and easy operation, a muli-head weigher pouch packing machine can greatly enhance your productivity and benefit your project. Besides, we adopt emergency safety devices to ensure safe operation. All our machines are used stainless steel material, durable and reliable. If you own a food factory, a multi-head weigher machine is definitely your good choice. Contact us today for further information.

The Working Video of the Large Combination Weigher Packaging Machine

Wide Applications of Multi-Head Weigher Packing Machine

A multihead combination weigher packing machine is suitable for packaging various granule items. It can be used to package puffed food, potato chips, French fries, peanuts, grains, snacks, melon seeds, tea, dried fruits, biscuits, cereals, hardware, plastics, and many other granular. A multi-head weigher pouch packing machine is commonly used in the food industry. Adopting food-grade material and advanced technology, it is safe and reliable. Meanwhile, we provide various supporting equipment to fit your needs. For example, there is a nitrogen-filling device to keep puffed products fresh and easy to transport.

snacks packing
food packaging application

Types of Multihead Weigher VFFS Packing Machines for Sale

Multihead weigher packing machine is different from many other vertical form packing machines. The machine can be equipped with different feeding systems. What we usually use are 4 head weigher, 10 head weigher, and 14 head weigher. Different multihead weighers have different benefits and applications. For instance, a 14-head weigher packing machine is more efficient than a 4-head weigher packing machine. However, its cost is relatively higher. Besides, there are three types of packaging systems for this machine, TH-420, TH-520, and TH-720. They are suitable for bag lengths, bag widths, and packaging speeds. Do you know which one is best for your project? Email us or give us a call for professional buying guidance.

large combination weigher packaging machine
Multihead combination weigher packing machine

Taizy Multihead Weigher Machine Parameters

Bag length80-300mm80-400mm100-400mm
Bag width50-200mm80-250mm180-350mm
Max width of roll film420mm520mm720mm
Packing speed5-30bags/min5-50bags/min5-50bags/min
Air consumption0.65mpa0.65mpa0.65mpa
Gas consumption0.3m³/min0.4m³/min0.4m³/min
Power voltage220V220VAC/50HZ220VAC/50HZ

Structures of Multihead Weigher Packaging Machine

Generally, a multi-head weigher packing machine mainly consists of two parts, a feeding system, and a packaging system. They include a Z-type elevator, multihead weigher, working platform, packaging machine, and output conveyor. They are grouped together to achieve the automatic feeding, weighing, filling, sealing, and cutting process. Equipped with a 10-head weigher or a 14-head weigher, it is super-efficient and reliable. As a strong multihead weigher machine manufacturer, we provide excellent standard and custom packing machine service. Are you interested in this machine? Get in touch with us for more information.

multihead weigher machine structure
multi head weigher machine structure

Package Styles of Multihead Weigher Packing Machine

The packaging styles of the large vertical combination weigher packaging machine are diversified. It can be back sealing, but there are differences in size.

bag types

Advantages of Multihead Weigher Packing Machine

  1. This packing machine adopts a thermocouple to control the temperature of horizontal and vertical sealing.
  2. It adopts a pneumatic host with strong power.
  3. The membrane pulling wheel is made of rubber material, which makes the packaging bag more. The film pulling wheel is made of rubber material, which makes the packaging bag smoother.
  4. The packaging of the machine is flawless and stable.
  5. The inside of the packaging film is made of heat-sealing film, which is convenient for sealing.
  6. It can be equipped with a punching device so the packing bag is suitable for hanging in supermarkets.
  7. It can be equipped with an inflator for packaging fragile items such as French fries, potato chips, puffed snacks, etc.

Multihead Weigher Working Principle

Multihead weigher, or called computer combination scale, often uses different weighing heads to measure the precise weight of the product. The scale at the top of the combination of products long after the balance of internal dispersion systems will begin to work. The system will distribute the products with the help of the linear feed plate, different linear feeders will transport products into the hopper. For example, if you are using a 14-head weighing packing machine, there will normally be 14 linear feeders to transport the product to 14 hoppers after the product is transferred to the hopper.

Multihead Weigher Packing Machine Exported to Malaysia

We have a customer in Malaysia who uses this machine to pack 1.5 kg of washing powder. In addition, he added a device that punches the prong angle. Because he is a supermarket supplier, he packaged washing powder to supply for the supermarket.

multihead weigher packing machine factory
multi head weigher packing machine factory


Multihead weigher packing machine is a great packaging tool with very high efficiency. It can absolutely benefit your food business. With a durable material and advanced technology, our multihead weigher machines have good performance and long service life. Besides, the multihead weigher and packing machine can be sold separately. We offer strong custom services to meet your specific requirements. Are you looking for a quality multi-head weigher machine to make more profit? Leave your requirements and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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