Reciprocating servo packing machine

Reciprocating servo packing machine
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The brief introduction of reciprocating servo packing machine

This machine can be regarded as the upgrade of a common horizontal pillow-type packing machine. Reciprocating servo packing machine is suitable for various kinds of regular objects like biscuits, bread, egg roll, instant noodle, moon cake, medicine, hardware, industrial parts, paper boxes, plates, etc. It is worth mentioning that this machine has a gusset bag device which makes the bag shape more beautiful, and enhances the product grade.

Application of reciprocating packaging machine

The working video of reciprocating pillow packaging machine

The structure of reciprocating packaging machine

Details of reciprocating servo packing machine

Machine Parameters of reciprocating servo packing machine


Film widthMax450mm
Bag-making length120~450mm
Bag-making width50~160mm
Production height10~100mm
Packaging speed20-80bags/min


Film widthMax600mm
Bag-making length120~450mm
Bag-making width50~200mm
Production height10~100mm
Packaging speed20-80bags/min

The design features of reciprocating pillow packaging machine

  • Compared with the traditional rotary sealing system, the reciprocating sealing system can simultaneously complete the packaging of products of different heights and lengths, and in terms of exquisiteness, the reciprocating sealing system is also higher than the traditional rotary sealing system, while also ensuring the heat sealing effect of the sealing surface.
  • If it is an ordinary machine, to pack different products need to adjust the distance between the conveyor belt, while the reciprocating servo packing machine with full servo motor can automatically sense and judge without manual adjustment.
  • Food-grade stainless steel in contact with the product Clean, hygienic and beautiful.
  • Touch screen, Chinese and English display, convenient and quick parameter setting.
  • High-sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracking, cutting seal position digital input, more accurate.
  • PID automatic temperature control is better for the packaging of different materials.
  • When the product is passed to the equipment conveying line to start to the end of packaging, the whole process, the equipment of each stage of the belt conveyor system will keep synchronized with the product forward, to avoid the product surface scratches that affect the beauty of the product, to ensure the quality of product packaging.

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