Water treatment equipment here is a commercial revere osmosis system. The reverse osmosis system is very popular and it is the best water treatment system. It consists of a quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, resin filter, RO reverse osmosis, high-pressure pump, and security filter. Water purification equipment has a wide range of applications. It is ideal for manufacturing plants, food & beverage factory, restaurant, school, farms, hospitals, hotels, apartments, etc. Besides, this industrial water treatment system uses advanced technology and durable material, which make sure good performance and long service life of it.

Application area of Taizy water treatment equipment

  1. Hotels, apartments, restaurants, and other commercial places
  2. Food, home drinking water, factory drinking water, bottled drinking water
  3. Industry waste water treatment
  4. School, hospital, surface treatment, laboratory, industrial boiler, hydraulic test, high-pressure boiler water treatment, power station boiler
  5. Electronic industry water treatment
  6. Daily life, chemical water, agriculture industry
Water treatment equipment application
Water Treatment Equipment Application

Performance features

  1. High salt rejection rate of more than 99%
  2. Simple structure, perfect design, easy to operate and maintain
  3. Advanced technology and durable stainless steel material, long service life, and stable performance
  4. Energy saving and low maintenance cost
  5. The automatic control system, small size
  6. Wide applications. It is suitable for various industries

Why choose Taizy water treatment machine as your top choice?

As a famous water purification equipment manufacturer and exporter, Taizy Machinery provides excellent reverse osmosis treatment equipment for sale. Here are a few reasons to choose Taizy commercial water treatment system as your top choice.

  1. Saves money. With Taizy water purification equipment, you can stop purchasing bottled water and conceal your water delivery. Our multi-functional water purifying machine can greatly help to save your money.
  2. Improve taste. Taizy water treatment system improves taste, appearance, and odor of water.
  3. Removes impurities. Our RO system remove pollutants from water, including pesiticides, niteates, sulfates, and more. An RO filter also remove chloramines and chlorine.
  4. Simple maintenance. Reverse osmosis water filter system and few replaceable or moving parts make it easy to operate and maintain.
Water treatment machine factory
Water Treatment Machine Factory

Water treatment system working principle

  • First stage pre-treatment. (sand filter)

Adopt multi-medium quartz sand filter, the main purpose is to remove water containing precipitate, manganese, rust, colloid substances, mechanical impurities, suspended solids, and other particles more than 20 UM harmful to health.

  • Second stage pre-treatment (carbon filter)

Activated carbon filters are used to remove pigment, odor, and a large number of chemical and biological organisms from water, and reduce residual value of water and harmful pollutants such as pesticide pollution.

  • Third stage pre-treatment(carbon filter)

Ion exchangers are used to soften water, mainly to remove the hardness of the water. Thus effectively preventing reverse osmosis membrane pollution. The system can recoil automatically.

  • Fourth stage pre-treatment (precision filter)

Particle size can remove the small particles in the water, a sand filter can remove the small colloidal particles in the water so that the turbidity reaches 1 degree.

  • RO system

The pump core equipment is imported, and the membrane is imported from HYDRAutics USA. Equipped with a full set of cleaning units. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation, and a high technical level.

After sales service

  1. We send engineers to help install, train, and maintain if necessary.
  2. 24-hour/ 7days online service.
  3. We provide necessary documents with the machine as the following:
    1. electricity diagram
    2. Machine layout
    3. Manual book
    4. Machine certificate
  4. After one year guarantee, we offer payable technician`s visiting service and spare parts.


As a strong machinery company with powerful OEM service, we provide excellent water treatment equipment for sale to customers around the world. In addition to the water treatment machine, there is a complete water bottle filling line available from our factory. Besides, we supply various bottle capping machine and bottle labeling machine. If interested, contact us for a free price list.

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