Pillow shrink packing machines are widely used in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, cultural products, electronic products, daily necessities, and toys industries.

The machine does not require trays and cartons during the packaging process. Whether the product is square, round, or flat, this high speed shrink wrapping machine can pack it perfectly.

Features of Pillow shrink packing machine

  1. The machine has an anti-cutting safety clutch device. This can prevent damage to the packaged goods.
  2. The unique waste recycling device can make the packaging more beautiful. At the same time, it also saves about 3%-10% of materials compared to traditional packaging machines.
  3. The color touch screen control system makes the machine easier to operate. And PLC control makes the system more stable.
  4. The length of the packaging bag, packaging speed, and temperature can be adjusted separately.
  5. The high speed shrink wrapping machine can be equipped with a coding machine or an inkjet printer. No manual operation is required during the packaging process.
  6. With motor brake control, the equipment is sensitive to response.
  7. The efficient hot air circulation system and automatic temperature control system can ensure the shrinking quality.

Pillow shrink packing machine technical data

Packaging speed30-135bags/min
Rated power3.6(KW)+16.5(KW)
Power supplyMain machine: 220V, 50HZ; shrinking machine: 380V, 50HZ
SizeMain machine: 5000x965x1450mm; shrinking machine 2600x600x1750mm
WeightMain machine: 1000kg; shrinking machine: 600kg
shrink wrapping machine parameters

The packaging speed of this high-speed shrink wrapping machine is 30-135 bags/min. This can adapt to most packaging needs. The main machine size is 5000x965x1450mm, and the packaging machine size is 2600x600x1750mm.

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