The heat shrink wrap machine completely wraps the product with a heat shrink film to protect and beautify the product.

The fully sealed heat shrink packaging machine independently developed by our company is widely used in the packaging of products in industries such as beverages, food, medicine, and chemical products.

the working video of automatic shrink wrap machine

Advantages of heat shrink wrap machine

  1. High quality. The whole heat shrink film packaging machine is made of high-quality steel and stainless steel.
  2. Adjustable into the hot air circulation structure. This shrink film packaging machine applies to the existing variety of heat-shrinkable film (including color printing).
  3. The high degree of automation. Our full-seal heat shrink wrap machine is equipped with automatic feeding, automatic sealing, automatic film cutting, and other functions.
  4. Wide range of applications. Suitable for food, beverage, medicine, daily necessities, electronic products, and other industries.
  5. Easy operation. The equipment is equipped with an intelligent control system.
  6. High efficiency and energy saving. The energy-saving heating system can quickly reach the working temperature to reduce energy consumption.

Application range of the heat shrink wrap machine

  • Food industry: biscuits, chocolate, bread, carbonated drinks, mineral water, soda, boxed instant noodles.
  • Daily necessities: shampoo, shower gel, face cream, laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: medicine bottles, medicine boxes, syringes, test kits.
  • Electronic products: collection, remote control, etc.
  • Books: magazines, textbooks, notebooks, etc.

Taizy shrink wrap equipment parameters

Sealing typeFully enclosed
Power supply380V / 50 一 60Hz/3phase
Max packing capacity35bags/min ( depends on product size )
Sealing height≤125mm
Packing width≤350mm
Finished product sizeWidth + height≤400mmLength + height≤480mm
Film typeCenter-folded polyolefin ( POF ) film
Total power1.5KW
Working height780-850 mm
Air pressure≤0.5MPa(5bar)
Sealing systemConstant temperature heating system
Machine materialCarbon steel
shrink wrap equipment

From the table above you can see the technical data of the model LC-560B. If you want to know more about this heat shrink wrap machine, please feel free to contact us.

Working process of heat shrink wrap machine

First, the bottle to be packaged needs to be placed on the bottle conveying mechanism. Then the packaging box reaches the bottle baffle along the channel formed by the bottle separation mechanism.

Then the photoelectric detection head on the upper part of the heat shrink wrap machine will give a signal to stop the conveying machine.

Then the baffle moves back to release the pressure of conveying and extruding production. Next, the partition rises to separate the packaging bottle (box) from the bottle (box) to be packaged.

Next, the conveying mechanism of the machine will move forward to make the packaging bottle (box) along the bottle (box) guide mechanism together with the film to reach the sealing and cutting position.

At the same time, the conveying device will push the packaging bottle that has been filmed in front onto the conveyor belt in the heat shrink film packaging machine. At this time, the film feeding mechanism also works at the same time.

Then the heat sealing cutter moves downward to complete the sealing and cutting function.

The packaging bottle pushed onto the high-temperature conveyor belt will move forward in the heat shrink equipment while completing the heat shrink function.

Finally, the packaged product will arrive at the finished product carrier after being cooled and shrunk by cold air.

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Taizy Machinery is a professional packaging machinery manufacturer. In addition to automatic heat shrink wrap machines, we also have powder packaging machines, liquid filling machines, vacuum packing machines, and granule packaging machines for sale.

If you are looking for high-quality shrink film packaging machines, please feel free to contact us.

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