Desktop vacuum packaging machine also called portable vacuum sealer. It is very convenient for food vacuum packaging for both commercial and home uses. A tabletop vacuum packing machine has features of small size, low cost, and good performance. It can greatly extend the shelf life of food and is easy to transport as well. Therefore, this machine is quite ideal for your small factory or home applications. Besides, the vacuum packing machine market is growing year by year. Want to start your project or be our agent? Get in touch with us today for further information.

Applications of Vacuum Packing Machine

Desktop vacuum packing machine is mainly used for packaging all kinds of foods, such as chicken legs, ham, chicken feet, meat, vegetables, fruits, spicy strips, grilled fish fillets, beef jerky, sausages, seafood, liquids, paste, medicines, etc. Moreover, it also can vacuum packaging hardware, plastic, etc. In a word, it has a very wide range of applications, for both food and non-food products.

Desktop vacuum packing machine applications
Desktop Vacuum Packing Machine Applications

Quality Desktop Vacuum Packaging Machine for Sale

Vacuum packing machine is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Many families use it to vacuum sealing food. Thus the food products are easy to store and have a long shelf life. There are three models of desktop vacuum packing machines available from Taizy Packaging Machinery, DZ-260A, DZ-260B, and DZ-260C. They have different vacuum pump powers and vacuum room sizes. Which one is suitable should be according to your actual situation. Furthermore, we provide excellent industrial vacuum packing machines for sale, such as single chamber vacuum sealer and double chamber vacuuum sealer. They have high efficiency and they are our commercial vacuum sealers. With simple structure and perfect design, they are easy to operate and maintain. Email us or call us for the best quote.

Portable vacuum packaging machine
Portable Vacuum Packaging Machine

Parameters of Taizy Desktop Vacuum Packing Machine

Power supplyAC220V/50Hz 110V/60HzAC220V/50Hz 110V/60HzAC220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz
Vacuum pump power180W180W120W
Heat sealing power260W260W260W
Vacuum room size390*285*50mm390*285*50mm330*270*50mm
Material of vacuum roomStainless steelStainless steelStainless steel
Machine size490*340*380mm490*340*380mm405*320*340mm

Structure Details of Table Top Vacuum Packaging Machine

A desktop vacuum packaging machine mainly consists of a vacuum room, vacuum pump, control panel, sealing strip, stainless steel body, and transparent cover. A simple structure and reasonable design make sure the high performance of the portable vacuum packaging machine.

Portable vacuum packing machine details
Portable Vacuum Packing Machine Details

The Working Principle of Desktop Vacuum Packaging Machine

The main function of vacuum packing is to remove oxygen to help prevent food deterioration. So, the principle of a vacuum pack is relatively simple. Because the mildew and rot of food are mainly caused by microorganisms, most microorganisms (such as molds and yeasts) need oxygen to survive. The vacuum packaging machine uses this principle to extract oxygen from the packing bag and food cells so that microorganisms lose their living environment.
Experiments have proved that when the oxygen concentration in the packing bag is ≤1%, the growth and reproduction speed of microorganisms will drop sharply. When the oxygen concentration is ≤0.5%, most microorganisms will inhibit and stop breeding. In addition, the sterilization pot is matched with our vacuum packing machine. And the products after packing enter the sterilization pot for further sterilization. So it can ensure the food can store for a longer time.

Advantages of Small Vacuum Packing Machine

  • The air (oxygen) in the packing bag is eliminated, which can effectively prevent food from spoiling.
  • The packing materials with excellent airtightness, strict sealing technology, and requirements can effectively prevent the exchange of materials in the packing bag. Also, it can avoid food weight loss and taste loss, and prevent secondary pollution.
  • The gas inside the vacuum packing container has been eliminated, which accelerates the heat transfer. So it can improve the efficiency of heat sterilization and avoid the packing container from rupturing due to gas expansion during heat sterilization.
  • The operation is simple and convenient, and you can set a coding date on the display.
Quality vacuum pump
Quality Vacuum Pump
Plc control panel
Plc Control Panel
Portable size
Portable Size
Bag styles
Bag Styles


1. Is this machine fully automatic?

No, in fact, we need to put the items in the vacuum bag first and then place the bag on the machine to vacuum the bag with the seal.

2. Can all types of bags be packed?

Of course, our machine from Taizy company is suitable for most vacuum bags. We can also provide you with vacuum bags If you need them.

3. Is there a faster vacuum packaging machine than this one?

Yes, we have single-chamber and double-chamber vacuum packaging machines. In comparison, the packaging efficiency of those two machines is much higher than this machine. This machine is more suitable for small-scale production and the price is very cost-effective. If you need it, please contact us.

As a leading vacuum packing machine manufacturer and supplier, we provide various types of vacuum sealers for customers around the world, home desktop vacuum packing machine, commercial single room vacuum packing machine, and commercial double room vacuum packing machine. They have different benefits and prices. Contact us now for details.

Single chamber sealer and double chamber sealer
Single Chamber Sealer And Double Chamber Sealer
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