Two Kinds of Spice packing machine

For spice packing, our factory has launched two spice packaging machines. One spice packaging machine adopts automatic technology, which can effectively fill granular and powder products, such as essence, spice salt, salt and pepper, seasoning salt, chicken essence, filling of powder products such as pepper, coffee powder, leavening agent, enzyme preparation, etc.

The other is a semi-automatic spice filling machine, which requires manual labor. A semi-automatic spiral powder filling machine is a compact filling machine suitable for all kinds of dry powder and granules. Replace the screw according to the package weight, and the materials can flow freely and non-freely flowing powder into bags, bottles, cans, etc. The semi-automatic spice filling machine is controlled by PLC, and the servo drive system is fast and precise.

Spice packaging machine
Spice Packaging Machine

How to Choose the Spice Sealing Machine Between the Two

The automatic spice packaging machine can back-sealing, three-side sealing, and four-side sealing, which is suitable for packaging small doses of spices.

The automatic granule packaging machine has a high degree of automation and is suitable for the factory. It can pack melon seeds, peanuts, mung beans, rice, green beans, snacks, coffee, etc.

Various nuts packing
Various Nuts Packing

The semi-automatic spice packing machine can pack a weight range of 1-5 kg, and its single bag packaging weight can be set on the screen.

Individuals or small-scale workshops will choose a more economical cost investment in the initial stage of business. A semi-automatic powder filling machine is one of the optional equipment. The semi-automatic powder filling machine can realize the measurement and filling of powder. Whether you are filling bags or bottles, the powder filling machine can be adjusted according to your needs. If you change the filling weight within a certain range, you don’t need to change the machine, and directly modify it on the plc the screen. To a certain extent, the automation of packaging has been realized, and it can be regarded as a profitable helper.

The Packaging Machine Manufacturer

Taizy Packaging Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of packaging machines. The automatic pouch filling machines sold are automatic powder packaging machine, automatic granule packaging machine, automatic paste packaging machine, automatic French fries packaging machine, candy packaging machine, automatic food packaging machine, automatic meat vacuum packaging machine, and so on. The semi-automatic pouch packaging machines sold are semi-automatic powder filling and packaging machine, semi-automatic granule filling and packaging machine, semi-automatic vegetable packaging machine, small packaging machine, ice packing machine, and so on.

Currently, our packaging is exported to Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Canada, Vietnam, the United States, Kenya, Egypt, and so on.

Packing machine manufacturer
Packing Machine Manufacturer

Customer Case

This month, a Canadian customer bought an automatic granule packaging machine from us to pack spices. His specific packaging item is pepper. The weight of each bag is 200g.

Pepper packaging
Pepper Packaging
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