At the end of last month, we received inquiries from customers about coffee packaging machines. After contacting the customer, we first sent the video of our factory to the customer to build trust. Secondly, our sales consultant asked the customer’s demand for the machine. Then our sales consultants and technical consultants analyzed customer needs. This customer wanted to pack washing powder after packaging the coffee, so our sales consultant and the technical consultant recommended him a model 320 granule packaging machine.

320 granule packaging machine
320 Granule Packaging Machine

The customer’s packaging requirement is 30g per bag, 12 bags in a row. In addition, it is equipped with a date printer, and the packaging method is back-sealing. After knowing the customer’s needs, our technical consultants debug the machine and ship it directly. The customers can use it directly after receiving the machine.

Coffee Packaging Machine Sold To Switzerland 4
Coffee Packaging Machine Sold To Switzerland 5

If you want to pack granular materials, but you are not sure about the machine model, please contact us Taizy Company. Tell me your needs, we will customize the machine for you.

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