THB-4X automatic powder detergent packaging machine can automatically complete the functions of measuring, filling, bag making, bag cutting, nitrogen filling, date printing, and so on. It is suitable for packaging granular materials such as rice, washing powder, monosodium glutamate, seeds, etc. It’s similar to the flour powder packing machine.

Features of Automatic Washing Powder Packaging Machine

1. No tools are needed to adjust product specifications. Various packaging parameters can be adjusted on the screen.

2. Full English display, and the touch screen clearly displays the working status and operation instructions.

3. The sealing and cutting position can be adjusted directly on the touch screen without stopping the machine, and the deviation can be corrected. The sealing is smooth and the cut is neat.

4. It use intelligent thermostat, and the temperature difference can be controlled within 3 degrees, and equipped with tooth sealer to make the seal more firm.

5. Fully automatic washing powder packaging machine can punch hanging bags, filled with nitrogen, and continuous packaging according to customers’ requirements.

6. The packaging machine can produce a variety of bag types, such as flat bags, three-dimensional bags, and handbags.

Washing powder packaging machine
Washing Powder Packaging Machine

The Introduction of Packaging Equipment and Process

This machine from Taizy company is suitable for small packaging of powder and many kinds of small granular materials. The weight range of a single package is 150-1000 grams. It is often used for the packaging of washing powder, seeds, salt, milk powder, and other materials.

The packaging parameters are set on the touch screen, PLC control system, automatic monitoring, and safe shutdown protection function. The contact part of the material and the equipment is made of 304 stainless steel, the packaging process is safe and efficient.

The functions of automatic feeding, automatic conveying,  automatic weighing, automatic sealing, and outputting are all integrated. More packaging functions support customization.

Production process: washing powder → horizontal conveyor → Z-shaped inclined conveyor → combination weigher → packaging process → finished product placement

Packaging sample display
Thb-4X Powder Detergent Packaging Machine 3

The Powder Detergent Packaging Machine

Weighing MethodCombination Scale
Bag SizeWidth: 100-250mm
Length: 100-350
Filling Weight50-1000g
Existing Error≤±2g
Packaging Speed20-50 bags/min
Power Supply380 220V, 50-60 Hz
Powder4.5 KW
Air Pressure6-8 Kg/cm²
Gas Consumption0.15m²/min
Total Weight800 KG
Overall Size1600*690*2860mm

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