Detergent powder packing machine or washing powder packaging machine is important for a detergent manufacturing factory . A detergent is a surfactant or a mixture of surfactants that are used for cloth washing or dish washing. And it is vitally necessary for our daily life. Due to the high efficiency and good performance, there is a great demand for detergent powder packaging machine around the world. Compared with totally manual intervention, the working efficiency of an automatic detergent powder filling packing machine is 10 times that of it.

In a word, no matter what the production capability of a powder factory, there is a need for a detergent powder packing machine. Of course, many types of washing powder packing equipment are available on the market. You should choose the correct one strictly according to your specific requirements. We will discuss these packing machines in detail as the following.

What is a detergent powder packing machine?

A detergent powder packing machine is applied for packaging various volumes of detergent powder. In accordance with different packing volumes, there are different types of soap powder packing machines. An automatic detergent powder pouch packing machine can complete the whole process of powder weighing, filling, bag making, sealing, date printing, and counting. This machine has a super efficiency and stable performance. It can suit different bag types and working environments. And it is popular for most detergent powder projects owners. Of course, there is semi automatic detergent powder filling machine available. They have different performance features and advantages.  

What machine is best for detergent powder packaging?

In fact, which detergent powder packing machine to choose is based on your actual packaging situation. For example, what are the packaging volumes? What is your budget? What is the size of your detergent powder plant? Before buying the correct detergent powder pouch machine, you need to be clear about your packaging requirements. Actually, there are two main types of washing powder packing machine. One is an automatic detergent powder pouch packing machine, and the other is semi automatic detergent powder filling machine.

Automatic detergent powder pouch packing machine

This machine can fully automatically finish the whole packaging process. Adopting an intelligent PLC control system and large touch screen, it is easy to operate and maintain. You just need to set parameters on the screen. The automatic detergent powder packing machine is powered by electricity. Using a brand motor, it can run stably and has a long service life.

Automatic detergent powder packing machine 1kg
Automatic Detergent Powder Packing Machine 1Kg

Semi automatic detergent powder filling machine

This machine is a manual powder filling machine. It can achieve the process of washing powder weighing and filling. The bag is pre-made. According to different filling weight, there are different detergent powder packing machine designs and structures. It can be equipped with other supporting equipment like sealing machines, feeding machines, conveyor belts, etc. A detergent powder filling machine has the advantages of high-cost performance and high efficiency.

Detergent powder filling machine 50kg
Detergent Powder Filling Machine 50Kg

How to choose the correct detergent powder packaging machine?

Firstly, if you own small projects, a small vertical form fill seal machine(VFFS) is ideal for you. This automatic small pouch packing machine has a small size and affordable price. And it is suitable for packaging washing powder products of 10g, 20g, 50g, 100g, 200g, and 300g. Secondly, if you have high production demands, a super-efficient soap powder packing machine is for you. This machine is ideal for packaging products of 1kg, 2kg, and 3kg. It has high efficiency and good performance. Thirdly, if you require a machine packaging 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 30kg, and 50kg, there is a powder filling machine for you. It has a strong production capability. 

Small vertical packing machine for washing powder
Small Vertical Packing Machine For Washing Powder

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