Recently, we successfully exported two sets of soap wrapping machines to Pakistan. After running several days of this machine, our reliable partner from a soap factory is quite satisfied with its good performance and cost-effective features. And we build a long term and reliable business relationship.

Introduction of soap wrapping machine

Soap wrapping machine or soap packing machine is important for all soap industries. It is a kind of horizontal flow wrap machine. And it can automatically finish the process of measuring, wrapping, cutting, and sealing. With soap packing machine, it will greatly improve efficiency and save the cost of your business.  

Soap packaging machine video

What is soap packaging?

Soap packaging is an essential step for various soaps manufacturing, such as toilet soap, detergent soap, hand soap, bar soap, etc. After a series of packaging processes, soaps are wrapped with a clean and beautiful appearance. Which will be more attractive for customers. and this soap wrapping machine is usually a pillow packing machine. And then packaged soaps can be cartooned by a case packing machine. And the whole soap packing process is finished. Which will be more convenient to transport and store.

What machines are used for packaging soap?

Generally, a horizontal type flow wrapping machine is used for packaging soap. This is an automatic soap packing machine. It can automatically complete the whole soap packaging process. It can be applied for packing various soap products, such as toilet soap, detergent soap, hand cleansing soap, round soap, bar soap, square soap, etc. Besides, it is a multi-functional packing machine. Soap packing machine is not only suitable for packing various soaps, but it is also ideal for packing various food and non-food products like biscuits, bread, chocolate, shisha charcoal, face mask, vegetable, fruits, candy, etc. It will be great equipment for your business.

Soap wrapping machine
Soap Wrapping Machine

Features of Taizy soap wrapping machine

  1. A PLC control system, intelligent and accurate.
  2. Compact design and simple structure, easy to install, operate and maintain.
  3. A large touch screen, easy to set technical parameters to meet different requirements.
  4. A emergency button is designed, no soap no wrapper system.
  5. Stainless steel body structure, durable and a long service life.
  6. Spare parts ready in stock.
  7. Easy adjustable motor driven format system.  
  8. Servo motor is available, more accurate.

Why do you need soap packaging machine?

Soap packaging is one of the most significant parts of the soap production process. Through the packaging step, we can get lots of benefits including:

  1. Earn more profit for your project
  2. Enhance the appearance and attractiveness of product
  3. Improve the marketability of product
  4. Increase the shelf life of product
  5. Make the soap products easy to move, store and transport
  6. Soap products can be packed in different sizes, shapes to meet specific requirements of customers

Soap packing machine price in Pakistan

Soap packing machine price in Pakistan is varies from USD2000 to USD20,000. the price is very different from different specifications, models, brands, manufacturers, parts, and ports. Each factor can greatly impact the soap packaging machine cost. Before buying one from a company, you can compare price and quality from several companies. As a professional soap packing machine manufacturer and supplier, our high speed soap wrapping machine has a good performance and competitive price. Welcome to contact us for a free soap packing machine price list.

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