The incense stick packaging machine is also called agarbatti packing machine. We have produced this agarbatti counting and sealing packaging machine according to the characteristics of various incense in the world. Now, we have an incense stick packing machine, agarbatti pouch packing machine, Indiamart agarbatti packing machine, agarbatti counting and packing machine, automatic agarbatti packing machine, etc.

A series of incense packaging machines we produced from Taizy company can be used for counting and packaging incenses such as Buddha incense, mosquito incense, long incense, fly incense, six-generation incense, stick incense, bamboo stick incense, etc.

various incenses in the world
various incenses in the world

The Features and Characteristics of Agarbatti Incense Stick Packing Machine

  • This machine adopts touch screen control and intelligent control of main control circuit plc. And it has accurate measurement.
  • It can detect fault automatically. So it has a simple operation and convenient adjustment.
  • The machine adopts a high-quality double servo structure, and it is easy to maintain. It has less wear and has a long life.
  • Incense stick packaging machine adopts a high-precision optical fiber detection. So the packaging is accurate and reliable.
  • The bag length does not need set manually, and it set by the machine.
  • The end seal has an adjustable structure which can make the seal beautiful and it eliminates the phenomenon of the cutting bag.
  • The host machine is sprayed with plastic paint. Also, it can be made of all stainless steel according to customer needs.
  • The packing assembly line is fully automated with simple control, high stability, and low scrap rate. It greatly saves labor and improves production efficiency.
  • High packaging efficiency, stable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, and low failure rate.
the structure incense stick packing machine
the structure incense stick packing machine

Incense Stick Packaging Machine Parameters

Sealing Method Back-Sealing Back-Sealing
Packaging Speed 20-50 bags/min 20-70 bags/min
Packaging Film Thickness2.0-5.2 um1.0-2.2 um
Packaging film width300mm300mm
Bag Length 300-600 mm 300-600 mm
Bag Width 10-150 mm10-150 mm
Bag Film Materials BOPP, PE/OPPBOPP

The Advantages of Incense stick packaging Machine

It can run continuously for a long time.

Good sealing performance and beautiful packaging effect.

It can also print the production date, piercing holes (round holes, triangle holes, etc.) simultaneously.

Wide packaging range: the range of use is suitable for the packaging of Buddha incense, long incense (1-100 pieces).

Type the parameters, and automatically counted and packed

pack display of Counting Agarbatti Incense Stick Packing Machine
pack display of Counting Agarbatti Incense Stick Packing Machine

The Incense Stick Packing Machine Manufacturer

We are the manufacturer of the packaging machine. We are an enterprise specializing in the research and sales of packaging machines. Now our main packaging machines include granule packaging machine, powder packaging machine, paste packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine, incense packaging machine, and so on.

Customer Case

Argentine customers bought this kind of incense stick packaging machine from other companies in 2017 and contacted us in October this year to buy a more advanced packaging machine. So our sales consultant sent the picture of the automatic agarbatti packing machine and the parameters to the customer. The customer was very satisfied and decided to pay us a 50% deposit first. The customer sent us video feedback after receiving the machine, and the machine is running very well.

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