Automatic capping machine

automatic capping machine
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What is automatic capping machine

An automatic capping machine can rotate the cap with thread, by ordinary motor drive four claws to tighten the cap. This machine is in the form of abrasive capping, easy to adjust. The capping speed can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the user's output. It has a reasonable design, compact structure, high capping efficiency. The cap will not slip and break, the working process is stable and reliable. This automatic capper machine has a long service life, simple operation, and easy maintenance. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and other industries.

The detail of automatic capper machine

The display of the automatic capping machine

How does screw capping machine work

The workflow of the automatic capper machine

Machine Parameters

Power AC220V / 50Hz/300w
Capsize15~70mm 40~100mm
Diameter of bottles50~280mm
Air pressure0.4~0.6MPa
Machine size3500x470x1600mm

Features of automatic capper machine

  • It is suitable for many kinds of lids, such as the spiral lid, anti-theft lid, anti-child lid, and other plastic lids.
  • The automatic screw capping machine’s structure is compact and reasonable. It can operate independently or in conjunction with other machines such as liquid filling machine to increase productivity.
  • Traditional mechanical friction plates lead to uneven tightness of the capping. The situation can be changed by the usage of a strong electromagnetic left-hand cap torque device.
  • The machine adopts a touchable display screen. The customer can adjust the running speed of the conveyor belt, the length of the capping, and the running distance of the side conveyor belt on the display screen, which is very flexible.
  • The conveyor belt is driven by the motor, and the conveyor belt can be customized according to the size of the bottle.

What is the difference between an automatic capping machine and a semi-automatic vacuum capping machine

First of all, the applicable bottles of the two are different. A vacuum capping machine can create a vacuum environment, so it is mostly used for packaging food bottles. The automatic capping machine has a pressure cap to hold down the cap to prevent slippage, so it is mostly used to package harder bottles. Next, an automatic capping machine can be used with other machines without manual operation. The vacuum capping machine requires a person to manually put the bottle into the molds.


  1. What kind of bottles is this capping machine mainly used for?

The machine is mainly applied to various kinds of medicine, veterinary medicine, food, cosmetics, hand soap, detergent, pesticide, lubricant industry bottle automatic capping.

2. What is the material of the machine?

The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel with corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and good processability to extend the service life of the machine.

3. Can this machine be used for capping jars or other glass bottles?

No, this machine is suitable for capping plastic bottles. If you want to cap containers like jars or glass bottles, I recommend our vacuum capping machine to you.

4. What’s the price of the automatic capping machine?

In our Taizy company, because our machines can be customized according to customer needs, please contact us directly for specific prices.

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