At the end of February, we successfully exported 20 sets of fully automatic chilli powder packing machines to Sri Lanka. And the machines have already shipped to the Colombo port last month. The customer from there is a local packing machine retailer. He said:” the powder packaging machines from us have the advantages of high performance and good price. Besides, we provide one-year free quality assurance. So they are popular in Sri Lanka. Many local chilli making factories or spices manufacturing factories had ordered Taizy powder packing machines.

What is chilli powder packaging?

Chilli powder is one of the most popular spices around the world, especially in Southern Asian. In fact, chili powder is is a form of chilli. It is manufactured by a powder grinding machine. Chili powder packaging is an important part of the whole chilli manufacturing process. Usually, there are two main types of chilli powder packaging machine, automatic chilli powder packing machine and semi automatic chilli powder filling machine. They have totally different features, structures and benefits.

Popular automatic chilli powder packing machine for sale

According to different packaging requirements, such as packing speed, packing capability, and cost, we design and manufacture different automatic chili powder packaging machines.

Small vertical pouch powder packing machine

This is a small vertical pouch packing machine for chilli powder. It has quite small size and affordable price. Besides, it is a type of automatic powder pouch packing machine. This small chilli powder packing machine can automatically finish the process of weighing, filling, cutting, sealing, and date printing. And it is ideal for small production requirements.

Small vertical chiili powdr packing machine
Small Vertical Chiili Powdr Packing Machine

Super efficient powder pouch packing machine

This is a super-efficiency powder pouch packing machine for chilli powder. It can pack products from 1kg to 3kg. Besides, the packaging speed of it is 5 ~50bags/min. Its dimension of it is (L)1150×(W)1795×(H)11650mm, and the deadweight of the machine is 600kg. Furthermore, in addition to chilli powder, the fully automatic powder pouch packing machine is suitable for coffee powder, tea powder, rice powder, spices, milk, medicine, herb powder, detergent powder, feed, chemical powder, dyes, curry powder, condiment, cocoa powder, flour, etc. It is ideal for medium and large production demand.

Super efficient chilli powder packing machine
Super Efficient Chilli Powder Packing Machine

Features of automatic chilli powder packing machine

  1. Adopting a PLC control system and large touch screen, easy to set parameters
  2. The chili powder packaging machine has a simple and compact structure, easy to install, operate, and maintain
  3. The bag former is easy to replace to meet your specific bag requirements
  4. Various sealing methods are optional, such as back seal, 3-side seal, 4-side seal
  5. The emergency stop button is designed to stay safety
  6. All stainless steel body structure, durable and reliable
  7. Wide applications. A fully automatic chilli powder packing machine is suitable for various powder products
  8. Stable performance and a long service life

What is the chilli powder packing machine price?

As we discussed above, there are various types of chilli powder packing machines. Therefore, their prices are different. Besides, the red chilli powder packing machine price is also related to many factors like machines material, specifications, motor brand, shipping cost, etc. All of us want to buy the best machine on a limited budget, but this is hard. I think we can not sacrifice quality for saving costs. So we don`t have to spend much energy and money on the replacement and maintenance of the machine. If you want to know a free chilli powder packing machine price list, contact us today.

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