Carton sealing machine

Carton sealing machine
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Carton sealing machine is mainly applied to the packing of cartons. The sealing machine is generally used in conjunction with cartoning machine and unpacking machine. It can also be connected with labeling, coding, and heat shrink film wrapping machines to form an unmanned automatic packaging line.

How does the carton sealer work

The working principle of the machine is very simple, the case through the conveyor belt is transported to the machine. Under the machine, through the intelligent operating system, complete the case sealing work. The specific process from the following video can be seen.

Details of carton sealing machine

Machine parameters


Tape width45mm
Sealing width80-300mm
Sealing height90-400mm
Table heightmin550mm/max730mm
Machine size1060*660*1010mm


Tape width45mm
Sealing width250-500mm
Sealing height180-600mm
Table heightmin570mm/max730mm
Machine size1000*830*1350mm

Why do people need a carton sealing machine

  • Suitable for carton sizes 1 to 12
  • This carton sealing machine adopts advanced sealing liner, which flattens the protruding part of the carton and makes the tape fit on the surface of the carton. The cut is smooth, the sealing is beautiful, firm and wearable.
  • The width and height of the sealing machine is adjustable, with many sealing sizes, and the left and right conveyor belts can drive heavier cartons.
  • The lower and top of the conveyor belt are each equipped with a large motor, and the dual motor design provides strong power for heavier and wider cartons.
  • The active and passive wheels of the conveyor belt are thicker and thicker, with greater load-bearing capacity and better rolling effect.
  • The upper sealing head can stand up design, more convenient to replace the tape, simple and fast.
  • Inner liner with closed design, sealing more firmly, fit, beautiful

In Taizy Company, not only carton sealing machine is available, but also the auxiliary equipment is here for your choice. Listed as below pictures:

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