Carton sealing machine, carton sealer, or box taping machine is mainly applied to the carton packaging. Compared with manual operation, it can greatly enhance your efficiency. In short, it can do better than humans in terms of box packing. This carton packing machine usually works together with other equipment, such as an unpack machine, labeling machine, coding machine, etc. Therefore, there is a fully automatic carton sealing machine. The carton sealer is widely used in food, beverage, medicine, chemical, electronics, cable, tobacco, and many other industries. If you are looking for a reliable carton packing solution, contact us for a free price list.

Advantages of Taizy carton sealing machine

  1. Wide applications for different sizes of cartons
  2. Finish bottom sealing and top sealing operation one time, and seal firmly and smoothly with a pretty appearance
  3. Reasonable design, durable material, running smoothly, working efficiently
  4. An emergency button is designed as a safety precaution
  5. Rollers are arranged closely, suitable for different sizes of cartons, especially small box
  6. The height of the conveyor is adjustable according to your needs
  7. The component for fixing tape is detachable, convenient to replace tapes.
  8. Support strong OEM service
carton sealing machine
carton sealing machine

Parameters of Taizy carton sealing machine

Tape width45mm45mm
Sealing width80-300mm250-500mm
Sealing height90-400mm180-600mm
Table heightmin550mm/max730mmmin570mm/max730mm
Machine size1060*660*1010mm1000*830*1350mm

How does the carton sealing machine work?

The working principle of the carton sealing machine is simple, the case through the conveyor belt is transported to the machine. Under the machine, through the intelligent operating system, complete the case sealing work. The specific process is as the following video.

Details of Taizy carton sealing machine

The carton sealing machine for sale consists of a conveyor platform with turning rollers, a long metal plate, left and right conveyor belts, hand shanks for adjusting the height of the conveyor platform and the top sealing device, carton positioning rollers, supporting frame with scale, power switch, four wheels on the bottom of the machine, emergency button, etc. An adjustable belt system can handle various kinds of boxes. Besides, durable materials and advanced technology ensure the good performance of our machines.

carton sealing machine in stock
carton sealing machine in stock
carton sealer conveyor belt
carton sealer conveyor belt

Why do we need a carton sealing machine?

  • Suitable for carton sizes 1 to 12.
  • This carton sealing machine adopts an advanced sealing liner, which flattens the protruding part of the carton and makes the tape fit on the surface of the carton. The cut is smooth, the sealing is beautiful, firm, and wearable.
  • The width and height of the sealing machine are adjustable, with many sealing sizes, and the left and right conveyor belts can drive heavier cartons.
  • The lower and top of the conveyor belt are each equipped with a large motor, and the dual motor design provides strong power for heavier and wider cartons.
  • The active and passive wheels of the conveyor belt are thicker and thicker, with greater load-bearing capacity and better rolling effect.
  • The upper sealing head can stand up design, more convenient for replacing the tape, simple and fast.
  • Inner liner with a closed design, sealing more firm and beautiful.

In Taizy Company, not only carton sealing machine is available, but also the auxiliary equipment(unpack machine, conveyor belt, etc) is here for your choice. Listed as below pictures:

box unpacker and conveyor
box unpacker and conveyor
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