Carton packing machine or box sealing machine is commonly found in most assembly lines. It is a type machine of the packaging machinery family. This machine is used for forming, folding, and filling different sizes of cartons. And a carton packing machine is widely in many industries like food&beverage, cosmetics, electronic gadgets, pharmaceuticals, sundry products, confectionery, etc. It is quite an important packing equipment for manufacturing factories.

How does a carton packing machine work?

First, the carton packer takes out the cardboard, folds it into different types of boxes, and puts them aside. Then the various products are put into the boxes made. The machine fills with mechanical sleeve or pressurized air. It then slaps and closes the sides of the carton and seals it. Some box loaders even include features such as adhesives or glues to ensure boxes seal more effectively. In addition, these boxes include palletizing systems for cartons or packing plastic boxes, which are vitally essential for shipping products.

What industries use box sealing machines?

Box sealing machine is necessary for the modern manufacturing and transportation industry. It can greatly improve your productivity and save your cost. We provide various excellent carton packing machine and other packing equipment for industries as the following:

  1. Food & beverage factories
  2. Cosmetic companies
  3. Pharmaceuticals
  4. Textiles factories
  5. Grocery products

Key factors should be considered when choose a carton sealing machine

  1. The first thing to consider is the goal of your project. Are you trying to increase the efficiency and volume of packaging operations? Do you try to reduce harm by eliminating repetitive tasks for your employees? Knowing exactly what you are trying to accomplish goes a long way in helping you make all your other decisions. 
  2. What is the nature of the product you are targeting? Many products the most suitable for vertical packaging system aware that this is a can rule out a large number of possibilities and simplify your work. 
  3. If there is a problem of the product is very suitable for horizontal packaging, you have more choices. But, of course, more options means to consider more machines, and need more time to choose between these options. 
  4. What packing speed do you need? Buying too many or too few machines to meet your actual needs doesn’t make sense and can be a costly mistake by excluding all machines that can’t efficiently deliver the target packaging speed. The exact numbers here also greatly simplify your life.
  5. What level of machines can your staff maintain? Unless you are willing to hire support staff or pay for help when machines need to be adjusted and maintained, the competence of your staff is vital if your company cannot keep running, the most advanced and efficient machines will be of no use. 
  6. What degree of automation do you want or need? Although automatic system is attractive, of course, the automation of the process, the machine is more expensive, and the cost not only to the price of the machine to measure the.
Carton sealing machine
Carton Sealing Machine

How to maintain your carton packer?

In order to keep the good performance of your carton packing machine, it is necessary for you to inspect and maintain it regularly. Follow these steps to care for your carton packer correctly.

  1. Inspect filters and take place of them if needed
  2. Check out melt hoses and tanks for clean them
  3. Clean or replace hoses and nozzles
  4. Run the glue through the carton with a cleaning solvent and drain it before adding new hot melt glue
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