Bottle Filling Machine

Bottle filling machine is used for packaging food/beverage, and also other products as well. It is commonly used in the food and beverage packaging industry. The automatic bottle filling machine transport product from the storage tank to waiting bottles. There is no more labor needed, just an operator, which greatly improves your productivity and saves your cost.

Why do you need a bottle filling machine?

  1. Efficiency. With the expansion of the production scale, it is not wise to hire lots of manual labor to complete each bottle filing. The automatic bottle filling machine line can meet your increasing production scale.
  2. Easy operation. All the automatic bottle filling machines use PLC control systems. It is quite easy to operate with a large and user-friendly interface. You just need to enter the parameters you require, the machine will work automatically.
  3. Growing potential. The automatic filling machine keeps growing in recent years. And we believe no matter how times change, the food and beverage industry will keep sustained growth.

How many types of bottle filling machines are there?

Bottle filling machines, also called bottle fillers are used to fill various products, such as water, food, oil juice, cosmetics, beverage, chemicals, pastes, coca-cola, beer, alcohol, grease, etc. Based on these product types, we classified the filling machine into three types, liquid filling machine, powder filling machine, and granule filling machine.

Meanwhile, according to the automation level, there are fully automatic bottle filling machine and semi-automatic bottle filling machine. Different filling machines have different features and applications. Which one to choose must be strictly based on your actual situation. If you have a problem with the choice of filling machines, it is a good idea to contact us for professional guidance.

Liquid bottle filling machine
Liquid Bottle Filling Machine

Automatic liquid bottle filling machine for sale

Automatic liquid filling machine for sale combines bottle unscramble, bottle washing, filling, cap unscrambler, cap screwing, and labeling functions. It is ideal for filling water, beverage, beer, alcohol, juice, oil, etc. At present, the liquid bottle filling machines we produce are divided into two types: self-flow and piston filling machines. Among them, the most popular we sold is the 6-head liquid filling machine. Of course, the machine can be equipped with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 filling heads, etc. This can be customized according to your production needs.

Liquid filling machine
liquid filling machine

Applications of liquid bottle filling machine

The machine can fill various liquid products with low viscosity and no gas, such as pure water, mineral water, milk, white wine, mineral springs, red wine, juice, beer, alcohol, etc. This automatic liquid filling machine is widely used in medicine, food, daily chemical, oil, pesticide, and other special industries.

Liquid and paste packing machine
liquid and paste packing machine

Automatic liquid bottle filling production line video

Automatic liquid filling machine steps

The general process of a liquid or paste filling is: first arrange the bottles, discharge them in an orderly manner, and then enter the bottle washer for aseptic processing. The cleaned bottles arrive at the filling area in turn on the conveyor belt. After the filling is completed, screw the cap, which means that the bottle is capped and then screwed into the cap. The entire filling process is completed, and the final step is to label the product.

Liquid filling machine
liquid bottle filling equipment

Advantages of liquid filler equipment

Imported geared motor step-less speed regulation control filling plunger cylinder, not only suitable for various liquids but also suitable for viscous liquids. Imported electromagnetic clutch and electromagnetic brake work together to eliminate inertia and get high filling accuracy. The several filling heads can work at the same time, and stepless speed regulation of the volume cylinder movement is suitable for filling different specifications and different liquids. The filling volume is adjusted at one time, and each volume cylinder can be adjusted separately, with high filling accuracy and good consistency. The materials of the parts in contact with liquid are stainless steel and silicon rubber, which conform to GMP specifications. According to the measurement method, it can be divided into flowmeter type and piston type.

Structural features of liquid filling systems

The intelligent PLC control system and user-friendly interface. Operators only need to set the parameters on the screen when debugging equipment or changing material varieties. Bottle feeding, positioning, filling, and discharging are all automated.

The equipment will automatically protect when the bottle is not in place or clogged during filling, and eliminate subsequent messy filling.

Paste bottle filling machine for sale

Paste bottle filling machine is suitable for condiments with particles and high concentrations of chili sauce, ketchup, bean paste, peanut butter, honey, sesame paste, jam, hoisin sauce, butter hot pot base, red oil hot pot base, and other substances filling viscous sauces. This sauce filling machine is a brand-new vertical design, lightweight and convenient, with automatic pumping, and a hopper can be added for thicker pastes.

Saucefilling machine
Sauce Filling Machine

Manual and automatic switching function: When the machine is in the “automatic” state, the machine will automatically perform continuous filling at the set speed. When the machine is in the “manual” state, the operator steps on the pedal to realize the filling. If the machine is kept on, it will also become an automatic continuous filling state. The cylinder moves up and down during filling, and the machine has an anti-drip system.

Paste bottle filling machine uses
paste bottle filling machine uses

Optional accessories

  1. Needle type filling head: It is suitable for filling small-caliber bottles and tube packaging products. The diameter and length of the needle part can be customized according to the specific size of the container.
  2. Turn/ball valve control system: Suitable for materials with different viscosity and particles, and can solve various pressure problems caused by high-position and high-pressure feeding.
  3. Hopper: It is recommended to configure when filling products with a higher viscosity to achieve a better filling effect.

Automatic powder bottle filling machine for sale

We have two types of powder bottle filling machines, one is a linear automatic powder filling machine and a rotary powder filling machine.

This machine is suitable for the quantitative filling of powder and small granular materials in the chemical, food, agricultural, and by-product industries. It is widely used in various bottled and canned products, such as milk powder, protein powder, pesticides, veterinary drugs, disinfectants, washing powder, facial mask powder, chili powder, spice powder, etc.

Powder bottle filling machine applications
powder bottle filling machine applications

The machine features microcomputer control and accurate quantification. Parameters can be adjusted, and errors can be automatically corrected. Separate strong and weak electricity without interference. High reliability and wide adaptability. The filling parts are made of all stainless steel with high processing precision, good interchangeability, and reasonable classification. It is a modular design, flexible combination.

Automatic powder filling production line
automatic powder filling production line

Structural characteristics of automatic powder filling machine

  • Using the LCD touch screen, PLC control system.
  • Using the cylinder to block the bottle to position the container.
  • It is suitable for packaging containers such as cans, barrels, and bottles.
  • It adopts a servo motor to control the feeding, with large torque, high precision, and fast speed.
  • With the feeding machine, the material level is automatically controlled. The lack of material is automatically supplemented, saving time and effort.
  • Replace screw accessories, the same equipment can meet the measurement requirements of different specifications.
Chili powder filling machine
chili powder filling machine

Granule bottle filling machine for sale

Granule bottle filling machine is designed for packaging various particles, such as chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, medicines, food additives, salt, sugar, etc. The structure is the same as the powder method, but the weighing method is changed. It can also be a bag filling machine, suitable for packaging all kinds of snacks.

Granule filling machine
granule filling machine

FAQs about bottle filling machine

1. Does the bottle filling machine meet the QS requirements? Can it pass the audit of the quality inspection department?

All the filling machines we manufacture meet the QS standard.  In Taizy company, the equipment is made of SUS 304/316 stainless steel, with accurate measurement and a high degree of automation. It meets the requirements of food production and can pass all QS indicators.

2. Are there any site and condition restrictions for the sauce filling or liquid filling production line?

Not restricted by the site, from a few square meters to dozens of square meters.

3. Is the equipment operation complicated?

It can be operated without a professional operator. In principle, men, women, and children can operate the machine after simple training.

4. Can the filling volume be adjusted?

Of course, It can be set on the operation screen.

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