Automatic flat labeling machine

automatic flat labeling machine
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The brief introduction of automatic flat labeling machine

Labeling has become an indispensable step in the packaging of all industries. This desktop automatic flat labeling machine is mainly suitable for the following two types of labeling: flat labeling or round bottles with a diameter of less than 2cm (such as lipstick, cosmetic samples, etc.). It is widely used in the food, logistics industry. Specific performance in the courier bag or courier box on the single number labeling, food bag outer packaging labeling, fresh food labeling on the plastic box, etc.

The display of automatic flat labeling machine

The details of flat label applicator

The working video of flax bottle label applicator

Why do we need a flat labeling machine

  • The machine is equipped with a Plc control system, simple operation is easy to get started. Touch screen LCD display, easy to adjust the parameters, labeling speed, labeling count at a glance.
  • Photo-eye detection system ensures uniform and beautiful labeling position.
  • The whole machine is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, with excellent workmanship, sturdy and not easy to deform, not easy to rust, in line with the excellent manufacturing standards of GMP.
  • The machine's conveyor width and labeling height are adjustable as a way to accommodate different sizes of products and labels.
  • A semi-automatic flat labeling machine requires manual hand turning of the target item for labeling. This machine does not require a complicated workflow, it is convenient and efficient.
  • It can participate in the production line, for example, the machine before with the carton, after the coding machine or automatic round bottle labeling machine with the use, can greatly improve production efficiency.
The display of an automatic cartooning machine

Our service

As a professional machinery manufacturer and supplier, from the first production process, each step in line is suitable for national production standards. Before shipment, we will simulate and set the parameters required by customers in advance according to their requirements, and wait until they receive the goods with only a slight adjustment or no adjustment. After the products are sent out, we also have professional staff to provide technical support and shoot videos for remote guidance. Including after you receive the product, any questions can contact our after-sales staff to communicate answers. Customer satisfaction is one of the beliefs that we Taizy company upholds.

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