Face mask packing machine is vitally important in the mask manufacturing industry. Actually, the face mask packaging machine here is a horizontal type flow wrap machine. It can automatically complete the process of mask delivering, wrapping, cutting, sealing, and finishing products. Adopting advanced technology and quality parts, this mask pouch packing machine can highly improve your efficiency and save your labor costs. Besides, all our machines are designed and manufactured according to international CE, and ISO standards. With extremely rich experience in the packaging industry, we provide excellent standard and custom medical mask packing machines for worldwide customers.

Face mask packing machine working video

What machine is used for packing masks?

In fact, there are lots of face mask packing solutions globally. However, we believe a pillow-type packing machine is the most suitable equipment for mask packaging. As we all know, a non-woven disposable face mask is soft and easy to deform. A pillow packing machine can perfectly solve this problem. Besides, this machine has stable performance and high efficiency. And it excellently solves the question of packaging speed and packing performance. Undoubtedly, a horizontal-type flow wrap machine is a great solution for packing masks.  

face mask packing machine
face mask packing machine

What kind of mask is suitable for this packing machine?

This pillow type face mask packing machine is ideal for handling various masks, such as non-woven disposable face masks, surgical masks, N95 masks, medical masks, single masks, 3ply masks, etc. In short, this mask pouch packing machine can pack various types of masks. Besides, we support a strong custom service to meet your specific requirements.

disposable face masks
disposable face masks

Performance features of Taizy mask packing machine

  1. Simple and compact structure. Easy to install, operate, and maintain
  2. Advanced PLC control system and large touch screen, easy-to-set parameters and it has stable performance
  3. Stainless steel machine structure body, durable and elegant appearance
  4. Wide applications. Not only ideal for face masks but suitable for vegetables, fruit, shisha charcoal, biscuits, bread, chocolate, etc
  5. Sealing temperature control independently, suitable for various packing materials
  6. High-sensor photoelectric color chart tracking system, accurate cutting position
  7. Double frequency converter controller, good performance, saving time and film
  8. High automation level, super efficiency, save labor cost and benefit project

Where to find the best face mask packing machine manufacturer?

Indeed, a horizontal flow wrapping machine is the most suitable equipment for packaging face masks. It has the advantages of good performance, high efficiency, and easy operation. As a professional packing machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we have highly skilled staff to ensure the good quality and fast delivery of our machines. Our products have been successfully exported to more than 80 countries and regions. Besides, all our packing equipment is designed and produced according to international standards. We aim to make our products help small businessmen develop better. And help more people gain more benefits from our machines.

flow wrapping machine factory
flow wrapping machine factory

Mask packing machine benefits and applications

A mask packing machine is a device that is used to package masks, typically surgical or respirator masks. These machines are designed to work with a variety of mask types and sizes and can be used to package masks in individual bags or in bulk. Some common features of mask packing machines include automatic counting and filling, the ability to seal the bags, and the ability to print information such as expiry dates on the packaging. Applications for mask packing machines include healthcare, manufacturing, and distribution of masks.

What is the mask packing machine’s price?

Mask packing machine price is close to many factors like brand, motors, body structure material, models, shipping cost, etc. Each factor can greatly impact the face mask packing machine price. In fact, we can not sacrifice quality to save costs when we choose a mask packing machine. We must make sure the good quality of a machine, this is the best way to save your cost and energy. Thus you do not need to spend much time on the replacement and maintenance of a machine.

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